I wondered if anyone else out there suffers from "go out and play" writer's guilt?

The sense that that there's a spring-clad sunny world out there to be...gosh, how do outdoor enthusiasts put this? Enjoyed? An alt. U to frollicking in the world of pixels?

Personally, I do. But after a second or two of "It's a great day to kayak!" I remember a) I'm scared of water and b) it's so megaliciously fun to create a world of one's own, that the sunshine can wait an hour -- or more.

I wondered if anyone else suffers/enjoys this kind of sorta spring fever?

(ps: An hour later, I have to amend...having gone out to walk the dog on a Florida-breezy Brooklyn day, the sun wins. And now? Back to debating :) )

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Luckily my best writing time is 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, so by the time the sun is up I don't have to resist the urge to go out. Also, I find that getting out is an important part of my creative process. Of course when the writing is going well, everything else can wait.
Wowza, what a great time to write! I am zzzzing at those hours, but can totally imagine the quiet, the calm...the total fantabulousness. Do you sleep mid-afternoon?
That's what dogs are for, Sharon. Mine drags me out of the house at least twice a day. I get to experience nice weather and crappy weather. And when I'm feeling bad about staying inside on a gorgeous day, I just take Sam out for a little run and I'm happy to be back inside after that.
My dog, bb and I do the same -- our weekend routine includes a 90-minute walk to the "ocean" -- an expanse of Brooklyn riverside/oceanside parkland that includes a brisk rock climb (brisk/rock being defined from the POV of a 10" tall bichon)

Here's to the delights of daylight, and write-age thereafter! :)


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