I've been enjoying a lot of crime in translation recently. It's good to get away from the usual haunts of the UK and US, or from English-language writers sending their character on an exotic holiday, both of which can get a little stale at times, or don't capture that culture-from-the-inside-out feeling that some of the authors below do.

Authors I've read and really liked over the past year are Arnaldur Indridason, Ake Edwardson, Karin Fossum, Eugenio Fuentes, Jakob Arjouni and Jan Costin Wagner. Authors I've read something by, and would give another go to, include Hakan Nesser, Matti Joensu, Jo Nesbo, and Fred Vargas. Have read enough Henning Mankell in the past to do me for some time (and liked them less, the more I read).

Any other suggestions, please? (I've had Matti Joensu, Gianrico Carofiglio and Jose Carlos Somoza recommended to me already).

Looking at it, it's a very Eurocentric list, so I'd particularly appreciate suggestions of any good authors from other parts of the world.

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check out the bitterlemonpress website or the arcadia (eurocrime) imprint website

Inside Europe

Tonino Benacquista (set in France and/or Italy). Holy Smoke and two others whose titles escape me.....
Jean Christophe Grange - French thrillers and/or police procedural
Dominique Manotti - French police procedurals. Gritty.
Roslund/Hellstrom- The Beast. Thoughtful swedish novel about vigilante justice.
Andrea Camilleri. Italian (sicilian) police procedurals. strong local flavour.
Carlo Lucarelli. Northern Italian police procedurals. One series set in Mussolini era and aftermath (De Luca), the other contemporary (Day after Day, Almost Blue)
Massimo Carlotto. Bleak Italian noir PI series. Author was imprisoned for many years for political reasons., which rather lends an authenticity to some of the more gruesome anecdotes/scenes in the novels!

Outside Europe:-
Qiu Xialong (set in Shanghai), author grew up in China, now US based. Police procedural.Titles - Death of a Red Heroine, a Loyal Character Dancer, When Red is Black
Garcia-Rosa (set in Rio). Police procedural. South Westerly Wind, and several others
Leonardo Padura Fuentes (set in Cuba). Police procedural. Havana Red, Havana Black.
Natsuo Kirino - Out and Grotesque. Thrillers with strong depictions of the roles of Japanese women in society.
and also Yasmina Khadra, police procedural novels set in modern day turbulent Algeria, other noir novels set in Middle East (Afghanistan, Israel etc).
Thanks, that's a great list. I've read Death of A Red Heroine, but not the others.
Arnaldur Indridason's JAR CITY, which is set in Iceland - wonderful stuff. Also Massimo Carlotto's THE COLOMBIAN MULE. Both really good books and, importantly, excellent translations. As for non Europeans, I've heard good things about Rubem Fonseca - a Brazilian whose books are apparently dark and violent (just my cup of mojito) - but who I've not yet tried.
Ta - the Fonseca sounds particularly interesting. I've not read much crime fiction set in South America, and what I have (like Stuart Archer Cohen's very impressive The Stone Angels) has been from UK/US authors. I've not read Jar City, but I enjoyed Silence of the Grave and um, forget the title, but the one where Santa cops it.
Great stuff, thanks - read Inspector Imanishi Investigates a little while back, but I think that's the only Japanese crime fiction I've read. Straight crime fiction that is: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is one of my favourite novels.
I have really gotten into International crime novels of late and all the above are great, especially Camillari and Vargas - from Latin America I can strongly suggest:

Jose Latour - Cuba
Leonardo Padura - Cuba
Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza - Brazil Inspector Espinosa
Paco Taibo III - Mexico - the great Hector Belascoaran Shayne, the one-eyed detective
Try also Rolando Hinojosa. The books are set amongst the background of the Chicano life in the fictious city of Kali City in Texas. The books are Partners in Crime and Ask a Policeman. They are not easy to get hold of. Mystery Journal International's latest edition is the first of a two part theme on ethnic detectives. Well worthy getting hold of.
Colin Cotterill's series set in Laos is a joy - mainly because the main character is fabulous. (It's not translated but it still has an incredibly accurate feel to it and the author is very familar with Laos).

Karin Alvtegen also writes some fabulous books - particularly if you're looking for something that's ambiguous.

Helene Tursten's also another Scandinavian worth adding to your list.

Kjell Eriksson's Princess of Burundi's circling on my TBR whilst I try and find a chance to read it.

Asa Larsson also has a couple of interesting books - Sun Storm and Blood Split.

Gianrico Carofiglio's Involuntary Witness was a really good book - very thoughtful and provoking.

I loved Night Bus, Giampiero Rigosi - sort of a big caper novel - great characterisation.

And I'll second (or is it third) Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza - but I'm a big fan of rumpled detectives :)
Also... there are also some good series set within minority cultures in the US:-
Tony Hillerman and Aimee/John Thurlo both have series featuring Native American police officers
Stan Jones has written 2 books - Shaman Pass/White Ice, Black Sky, featuring an Aleut (native Alaskan) Police Officer

and Crimespace poster Naomi Hirahara has a series (Snakeskin Shamisen, recent Edgar winner), Gasa-Gasa Girl and Summer of the Big Bachi, set amongst the Japanese American community in California


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