I'm looking for suggestions for great suspense novels. Any ideas? Which ones grabbed you?

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Not only that, but BAPM is damned funny, too.
I really like Julia Spencer-Fleming for suspense. Not just in the books themselves, but in the whole series she's written.
Try Peter Abrahams. He's a master.
Don Winslow's The Power of the Dog; the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child novels involving Special Agent Pendergast. I particularly enjoyed Still Life with Crows and Cabinent of Curiosities.
Thanks everyone. Looks like I have my summer reads planned out!
Suspense? Pure suspense? Deep dark psychological suspense? I'm always pushing Patricia Highsmith..."This Sweet Sickness," "The Story Teller," and of course the first Ripley, "The Talented Mr. Ripley." Yes, she was inconsistent and occasionally off her rocker. But she was one of a kind. "Two Faces of January" wasn't bad either.
Barry Eisler's series has made the strongest impression on me of any recent offerings, but I would entirely understand if others disagree. I usually avoid "best sellers", figuring I can always catch up on them later, but tried HARD RAIN (2nd in the series?) on a whim. Was caught up in it instantly, and really enjoyed the ride. Especially the Japanese setting and culture-clash elements. The protag is not a pure, white knight good guy. He has earned his reputation, and the fact that he is caught between two worlds, and is in a position to not ever fully trust his employer(s) add to the conflict.
Lee Child. However, there are other crime novels that are page turners.
"Fatal" by Michael Palmer
Any novel of Dan Brown..He is awesome ...his all novel is plotted only in one night or hardly one night and one day. Nonstop suspense keeps you on your toes.


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