Apart from being saddened that yet another man killed his wife and son and then himself, I have to admit to being somewhat intrigued by the cyber connection to the Chris Benoit case.

If you don't know, Chris Benoit was a professional wrestler (Canadian, I might add for those of you who believe that only Americans do the killing) who asphyxiated his wife and disabled son before hanging himself from his weight machine five days ago. The twist was that Benoit's Wikipedia entry reported his wife's death 14 hours before police discovered her body.

A wikipedia editor later admitted to penning the entry based on rumor, but it's still creepy. And if this case isn't tailor made for crime-fiction, I don't know what is.

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Wow--what did the wikipedia editor know, and when did he/she know it? You're right, it's really creepy!
The wikipedia angle is interesting-how was there a rumor before the body was discovered?

I'll also be interested to hear more about the toxicological results-obviously the rumors about what Benoit may have been using, but also read today (in People, granted, not a hard fact source) that his son may have been on growth hormones. Could Benoit have used them as well? What effect would they have had on a full grown man, especially one possibly already taking anabolic steroids?


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