Publishers Weekly has started a regular feature on book covers ( and with all the recent attention on covers using the same stock photo, it got me thinking--what crime covers do you like? Which ones work for you, the reader?

It would be nice to attach the actual cover in your discussions. I'm not totally sure how to do that--if you're not sure either, perhaps someone more technologically adept can follow up your post with an actual image.

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I like the covers these guys publish.
Any particular ones?

Here are few recent examples that I like. I appreciate some kind of continuity that tie a series together. And it does seem like the independent press does do a wonderful job with covers, as seen here with UglyTown's beautiful BURN cover and covers done by Akashic for BROOKLYN NOIR and SOUTHLAND.

This one's pretty cool.
Oooo. I do like this, too. The contrast of the greenish, cold colors against the yellow/orange/red emanating from the flame. These pulp-like covers tell stories, don't they? American-style manga.
My favourite cover of all time is The Alienist. I probably don't even have to link to it - everyone knows it. An old B&W photograph of a street with carriages, and a cloaked man walking away. It's perfect for reflecting the mood of the story and the time and location in which it's set. Unfortunatley Caleb Carr, in my opinion, hasn't been able to write a book since that comes anywhere near the quality of the Alienist.

Here are a couple of versions. The one in black is the mass-market paperback version.
I love good cover art. Here are a few of my recent favs.

the cover for dope is one of my recent faves.
I'm probably not one to ask, as my cover opinions are always ignored by the publicity people. I like ones with photos that subvert your perspective. For example, this one does it for me:

Fantastic perspective, this one. It's so simple--just photograph from up above, yet it's not done that often.
i LOVE that!


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