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I have a friend who is just 'getting into' the mystery genre. They have read Sandford, and the Dan Brown stuff, some James Rollins, and that type of work as well. They found me reading an older anthology of 'Pulp Fiction: hardboiled stories" and asked what it was, so I tried to explain it to them. I had a copy of Stephen Kings Hard Case crime book on the table as well, and they picked it up, and leafed through it.

Now they want recommendations for someone just getting involved in the whole film noir/hardcase type mystery.

I know what I would recommend, but I come to you OH Great Mystery Readers of Da Woild, who would YOU recommend for someone just beginning this great ride?


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Yes, you definitely can't go wrong with anything Chandler or Hammett. I'd also recommend Max Allan Collin and Mickey Spillane.
The book that just won the Shamus for Best First PI Novel, The Wrong Kind of Blood by Declan Hughes, is a great book. It has atmosphere, character, a compelling story, and great writing. They'll not only be getting started in the genre but they'll be getting started with a guy who's getting started and whose star is shining bright.
I'll second the Vachss recommedation............tres good.
well i have now given them those two books, hammet and chandler....but i let the borrow the pulp fiction anthology, which is very good in my opinion. I also have several hard case books for them to borrow or look at. I tried to buy the Hughes book the other day, but they did not have it at BnN...so I ordered it...should have it in a week, which of course will be read by myself personally before passing this along.

Vachss books: is there any single particular one that stands out above the others? I have a whole list of books to read now, and want to make sure I get the good stuff. By the way....ST's book The Concrete Maze, is exceptionally good. When I started it, I was sucked right in....and didnt realize it until I had read seventy pages......very good.


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