Has anyone gone to this? I am certainly interested in going. Share if you've been.

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This is the first NoirCon. Last year I think there was an event called Goodiscon and this is sort of stepping into that spot.

Thus far, although the website has little information on it about attending authors/panels as of yet, behind the scenes they seem incredibly well organized. In fact, you've just reminded me I need to put together my information for the booklet. I've had my panel assignment for a while, and am looking forward to it.
Thanks, Sandra. Mostly I was trying to discover if this Con was a con! :)
Ah. Well, Ken Bruen asked me to go. I haven't met the organizers myself, but they seem to be well on top of things, and I have other friends who know them, so it sounds good. There are plans for podcasting from the events, and... some other stuff that I don't know if I can talk about - not sure if it's public or not.

When I got my panel assignment I was left to wonder how I snuck on a panel with such incredible people.
This looks awesome, I would love to go. I've got to see if I can make it or not since I normally do comic conventions. I know I have a con appearance set for April 13th, but nothing else in April or May as of yet.
I agree with Sandra. The event seems to be very well organized. Gil Reavill (screenwriter, true-crime journalist, and author)and I are scheduled for a panel that promises to be quite interesting.

Sandra, I'm pleased to learn you're going to be part of the program. I look forward to finally meeting you.
It will be great to meet you Lee. I'm on a panel with Jen Siler, Vicki Hendricks, Megan Abbott and Jonathan Santlofer.
Cool. I'll look forward to seeing you.

Megan is great. She was kind enough to write an opening quote for one of the chapters in my book on police procedures.

This conference is sounding better all the time!


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