A buddy told me about this site, and i found it kind of neat.


helps list books you could read that are along the same lines as the author/book you enter...

I entered JON LOOMIS....and his title was there, but they had no recommendations....so either they were lost....OR he is in a class all by himself!

tee hee.

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That is a cool site. I remember when I was working in a bookstore and people would always ask me what else they might like that is similar to an author they loved.
Why should I look for an authors who writes similar to others authors, when there are a lot of authors who write different because they have a unique voice ?

I thought the fun about crime literature is the variety of styles ?
I dont think it puts them together that way...type in dashiell hammett, and chandler and several others pop up......it basically puts it together as crime type, detectives etc....i think, im not positive.
Yeah, it's more about the type of stories they write.
Great site--thanks for posting this!


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