a couple of months ago i posted about being unable to find a quiet place to write. crimespacers posted a lot of good ideas, and i wanted to let everybody know that i bought a church conversion in rural wisconsin. it's an amazing retreat, located about 75 miles from the twin cities. one bedroom, gourmet kitchen, fireplace. climb the bell tower and you can see for miles. hiking trails and lots of nature nearby. i plan to spend the winter there, getting my next book written. but i wondered how many other writers are seeking solitude. and i started wondering if this could be a place i might sometimes rent to writers on a weekly or monthly basis. maybe $500 a week. 1500 or more a month. would there be an interest is such a thing?

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Congrats on the church. The setting alone seems both a shelter and a muse. I'd need an egg timer in the bell tower, or I'd never leave the view long enough to write. I like your idea of a retreat, but maybe you want to wait until you can add a dormatory with DSL, and save the nave for yourself!
That is so fricking cool, Anne. That's all I gots ta say.
It's fabulous, Anne. Can't wait to see some interior pictures!
What a good idea!
I think you'll be able to get lots done. And what a great idea to rent!
just as I was finishing my first draft of my novel, our dog had her puppies.
I finished my draft and nearly lost my remaining marbles.
what I wouldn't have given for peace and quiet!
good luck! I envy you! wow! if only...!
p.s. last puppy going next week so I'll get back to my second draft with the little bit of sanity I have left!


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