Writing over the Holidays--do you guys take a break?!

Do you?!
Or do you feel guilty if you do?
This is excluding deadlines, a deadline is a deadline!
But just in the course of a wip or something of that nature, do you feel okay to "give it (and yourself) a bit of a rest?"

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Usually, I use the holiday season to edit what I've already written and/or to write book concept pages for future novels so when I finally get around to writing them, my memory is refreshed as to the idea I had originally conceived. That's what works for me, anyway. I also use the holidays to promote works I already have out there.

Douglas Quinn
thank you for that. you're way ahead of me. first time in my life i am writing seriously. actually writing full time now. I finished a first draft of a novel i am writing and hope to start the second draft shortly. you really work on something on Christmas day?¬ I admire you!!
Okay, so I don't write on Christmas day. LoL
oh see! got ya! I don't have to feel guilty then!
What holidays?

I might even write more during the holiday season. Keeps me in my house and away from the lunacy in the shops and streets.
Re the lunacy in the shops and streets, that's why my wife and I have all our holiday shopping done by Thanksgiving. We shop throughout the year for appropriate gifts for grandkids, kids, etc. Sometimes we might go out on Chrismas eve and have an early dinner and buy a last-minute gift for each other. Kinda romantic.
It's one of the only times that I do much shopping online. Just a few clicks and the gift is wrapped and sent. No muss, no fuss. I think Amazon has saved me from developing ulcers around Christmas.
good point!
sober reply!
No parties or anything?, I bet you go out a little! (if not more than a little)!
Amen Brother!

Since everyone else in my house is usually out of the house during this time, I can crank up the iTunes and type away.
Hey there Mystery DAwg, what a great name.
I'll be writing too whenever possible. we go out to family for Christmas dinner (all day affair), aside from that I'll be looking at MY blank pages!
I like writing better than most other things -- so I hope to be writing.


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