Writing over the Holidays--do you guys take a break?!

Do you?!
Or do you feel guilty if you do?
This is excluding deadlines, a deadline is a deadline!
But just in the course of a wip or something of that nature, do you feel okay to "give it (and yourself) a bit of a rest?"

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thank you for that. you're so disciplined. I'm learning...
Congrats on finishing the first draft, Carole!

If I'm working on something, I try to stay focused regardless of what the calendar says.
thanks, Jude
I need to be so disciplined me thinks!
I took a break over the four-day Thanksgiving holiday, only writing about ten pages. Usually I do a lot more, but I was right in the middle of unknotting a bunch of plot knots and so I took some time off to "noodle". Which means, of course, that I will have to serious crank words beginning tomorrow.
to noodle! I love that. Keep those noodles from getting into a twist, girl!
I guess you go by what's totally current. and you do that. thanks.
Noodling or running the plot around the dough hook works for me rather well. Whole scenes get resolved and I put them on the page, though they are never as brilliant as what I thought of in my noggin'. That's what editing is for. I used to work 365 unless someone forced me to take a take off. No more. There is time to work and a time to unwind. Unwinding feeds the gray cells which helps the story. In my world, if it helps the story I'm all over it.
terrific point. I found myself working on my first draft like a lunatic. In a frenzy! I would write for 9 to 10 hours a day. It nearly killed me. My nerves kicked up and everything. People said I was over doing it. so now I have a limit of 4-5 writing hours only. Unwinding is sooo important, because I think it gives your gray cells a rest--which is beneficial in the end. both for you and what you're writing.
but I do love the noodling angle. as you express it.
When I first started writing was an life-consuming obsession. 14-15 hours per day for two to three weeks until the first draft was out. I can't do that anymore. My body rebels. So I write tighter and spend more time thinking than banging junk out on the keyboard. It requires less rewrites and doesn't turn me into a pretzel. The first draft takes longer, but as long as I make the due date, it works.
i'M sure. You know that's so true. It's obsessive--I mean it was the second book I've written (hated the first--never did anything with it) and it is obsessive, but not the way to go. work hard yes, but not as a looney tune! so right.
I write 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday, usually about 9-2pm or 10-3pm. After that I spend some time promoting my books. Sometimes I'll write on Saturday, depending on the chore list. Sunday I do as little as possible--read, crossword puzzles, personal projects and business. My, my. I just realized what a dull life I lead. LoL.
no it's far from dull! but you made me smile.
The highpoint of my day is taking the dogs out and then I write approx 4 hours--each day, weekends too (if possible). I read (research and make notes until I have to put up dinner. see how exciting my day is?!
Of course I'm just writing seriously now for the first time so it's new trail blazing!
I allow myself one day a week off; the holiday will serve for that week. I'm not a slave to it, though. My parents came for a visit over Thanksgiving weekend, and they took priority. I'll get back to it today. I don't have a deadline, and I don't want to get obsessive about it.


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