Supposedly, the shortest story ever written came from Hemingway.  Here it is

For sale, baby shoes, never worn.

I thought it might be fun if we tried to do the same.

Here is my attempt:  Married, divorced, I can't remember her.

Give it a try.

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Murder? No - it was forced self-defence.

(Cheating? Hyphenates are one word, aren't they?)

Perhaps you could cheat with a  Shakespearean "Twas forced Self-defence."

"Pay up."

"Can't. But my wife ..."

The first eight words of one of my novels: "You want me to frame myself for murder?"

Bags? Check. Masks? Check. Guns? ... Shit!


I like that one, Copper.

Eight tequilas later, genius struck!  (only five words but it's hard to write so much after all these shots.)

Still can't come up with something.

Small shop. Snuck swag. Short sentence.

Widow selling expensive shotgun.  Used once.



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