I recently discovered Jonathan Valin, author of the Harry Stoner mystery series. I'm in the middle of SECOND CHANCE (1991) and loving it so far.

From what I understand he wrote about 14 novels, but stopped around the mid 90s. Shame, because he's a strong writer. I'm from Cinci, which is where Valin sets his series, so it's great to read the local flavor.

Wondered if anyone else has read him and if so, what do you think is his best work? I'm ready to line up my next read. 


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Hi Trace,

I read about half a dozen Valin novels decades ago and went back to one not that long ago. My memories of his gruesomeness turned out to be accurate, but I was really surprised at how wordy a lot of the prose seemed. He could fairly do an impressive action scene when he wanted, and Stoner was a plausible character. I'd have to read them again to be working out which I thought was best, though.



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