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Basically, I want my protags to be male. I enjoyed one of Abbott's Edgar winning books a few years ago, and I've heard wonderful things about all of these ladies. CrimeSpace's own Neil Nyren seems quite taken with Flynn. I also like Sue Grafton's series with a female lead. But my reading time is very limited, so I'm still working on the latest from my favorites -- Leonard, Crais, and Perry. And personally, I've found Weinman's recommendations to often include disagreeable (to me) social commentary.

Had to ask, Jack.

Are you referring to something she said in that link? Or her general reviewing?  

I never saw anything other than this one.

Sarah used to have the most popular blog in all of crime fiction, and was a big time reviewer for major newspapers. My assessment could be faulty, too -- based on too small a sample of the books she recommended. 

Sarah still reviews, often for the National Post in Canada. I think she's about the best book reviewer working today (this has nothing to do with the reviews she's given my books, nope, not at all... ;)

She reviewed one of mine some years ago.  Yes, I thought she was good.  She used to to review for the L.A.Times.

I've rediscovered George Pelecanos, specifically THE CUT.  Next on my list is SHAME THE DEVIL.

I read BURY ME DEEP. It's excellent.

MONEY SHOT is also very good.

The Lippman I would have picked is WHAT THE DEAD KNOW. Her standalones are, to me, much better than the Monahan series.

I agree about Lippman, Dana -- read EVERY SECRET THING a couple of weeks ago and really liked it, but her Tess Monaghan series leaves me kind of "meh."

Totally agree about Lippman. Her standalones are terrific. Have you read her latest one? I'd Know You Anywhere?

Not yet, but it's on my list.

I also thought that What The Dead Know  was a remarkable novel---that just happened also to be a gripping thriller. I could not put it down.  It was suspenseful, but also believable, and, finally, very satisfying.

Agree about Lippman's stand alones in general, but did not much like her short stories--just too creepy and violent. Perverse, actually. And Tess Monhan leaves me cold too. Not sure why. I just  don't like the character for some reason. Maybe there's something about her that doesn't ring true. But I don't have that problem with the characters in the standalones.

Nice to see Margaret Millar getting some props. She is so good and you never hear much about her. Tana French, Megan Abbott and Patricia Highsmith are also the absolute shit, in my opinion -- glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks so. Their mentions here make me think that the recommendations would be to my taste, so thanks for the link!


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