The best crime show on TV launched its third season last night. A couple notes:

1) I hope this isn't the last time we see that hit man guy. He's wicked.

2) I can't recall an episode with a higher body count. Shiste, you couldn't go 10 minutes without someone getting popped. Not complaining, though.

What did you think of it?

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I woke my wife up to tell her about the ending, how Raylan figured out how to handle Mr. Ice Pick and his little "Let's play a game" deal. Was that fun, or what? So perfectly Elmore Leonard...

My favorite show.

Best standoff scene of the series. And that's saying something.

Alas, its not available on Hulu or via Netflix Streaming, so no justified for me.  :-(

I love that show. Last night's season premiere was outstanding. I'm primed for next week. Such a bummer to wait 7 days between JUSTIFIED fixes.

I love this series.  I was lucky enough to see it from the beginning.  Besides the excellent action scenes, I think they handle sex scenes extremely well, making them about intimacy rather than just another mild porn scene.  

Justified has gotten me to reread everything Leonard.  I'm rereading Hombre right now.  Raylon Givens is a perfect combination of Leonard's westerns and his crime novels.

I've watched it from the beginning as well. Hard to see how they'll top last season, but the early reviews I've seen say they have. And if the first episode is any indication, I'd say they're right.

I also just read the short story by Leonard the series was based on: "Fire in the Hole." It was fantastic. Off to buy the new novel Raylen, hopefully this afternoon.

David DeLee

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