A story about my series characters, Derwood Doller and Eddie Hoar, a pair of bumbling scam artists, was chosen for Level Best Books, "Best New England Crime Stories 2014: Stone Cold."

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That's a great anthology, Jed. Seems like I've seen more than one award for short stories in there. Big congrats!

Yes, from me also!!!

Well done and congratulations, Jed! Thanks for the update.

Thanks Dana, I. J. & Jack. A nod, especially from you three, means a lot to me.


Congratulations Jed.

Congratulations, Jed!

Great recognition for your work!

Thanks Richard, John & Benjamin.  I appreciate it.



Nice indeed. Congratulations Jed. :-)

Good work, Jed. Bravo Zulu, in naval parlance.


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