I've begun reading Carl Hiassen and wonder what other people believe are the 'funniest' or 'most humorous' crime novels out there. Steve Hamilton's stuff is great as well, but I feel like I'm missing out on a bunch.
Any ideas?

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just read Kiss and Tell by TJ Cooke on Kindle. Not only a really inventive and thought provoking novel but the first person narrative is full of humour too. Worth a read. The lead character reminds me a bit of Erin Brockovich, with sharp sense of humour...

Got to add to the comments about Kiss and Tell by TJ Cooke... especially the main character Jill Shadow who tells the story... Yep, she can be genuinely funny, and its not often you laugh out loud in this genre!

I just interviewed Steve Hamilton about his latest release, Die a Stranger, on my podcast blog 2012writersALIVE.blogspot.com. He was in Michigan promoting the book and he pulled over to the side of the ride to talk to me on his cell phone. Great guy. It's hard to mix crime and humor but I tried in my latest effort and think I pulled it off. Hard Bite by Anonymous-9 is the only recommendation that I have in that mixed genre.

Look I checked out some Dortmunder books and I didn't come across anything that made me laugh. Sure they were excerpts from places like Amazon. I too am very curious about REALLY funny crime caper comedy books as that is what I'm writing. I want REALLY FUNNY books.

Well, if you want REALLY funny crime caper books, you can't go wrong with Elmore Leonard. Stick. Pagan Babies. And my all time favorite: Mr. Paradise.

Get Shorty. I re-watched the movie last night and now I'm looking forward to re-re-re-reading the book.

Try Eric Garcia's three books about a detective who happens to be a dinosaur

disguised as a human.  The first is ANONYMOUS REX.  Garcia was the producer of

the MY NAME IS EARL show. 

Also, try Charlie Huston's four books about a nice guy sucked into a violent

profession.  The first is CAUGHT STEALING.

I was loaned some books by Bill Fitzhugh, and they're really funny.   Pest Control and Cross Dressing.  

He just showed me this trailer, and is doing another one for Pest Control and the new sequel The Exterminator.


I really like his style and the way he mixes all the music references in.  Most before my time, but I get a lot of them.

GREG Garcia produced My Name is Earl and the current Raising Hope...I am pretty sure they are not related


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