Hi guys,

Anyone know a decent blog/review site I could contact to promote my new crime thriller novel? 

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Thanks Coleman. Much appreciated

I have reviews on Amazon now because I joined https://www.goodreads.com and gave away books.

Thanks Jack - I'll do that too. 

There are plenty of them on Facebook.

Thanks Stephen, do any of them work? :( 

It's a struggle this book promoting lark, eh?

 This blog tour outfit is more expensive than others, but it's geared more toward our audience. If you don't want to pay these people to set you up with book bloggers, you could always follow a few tours, find out the good bloggers, and pitch the ones you like privately. These blog tours usually don't sell a ton of books, but they sell some, and you'll add to your reviews on Amazon. I believe large numbers of good reviews are important to sales -- at least for us ... oh, let's say yet to be discovered authors. 

The problem is, far too many people believe the rave reviews are by friends and relatives, so I don't encourage that unless they're sincere. 98 percent of mine, good or bad, are not from people I know.

I think that's exactly why readers want to see dozens of reviews.

Thanks for this Jack and Stephen.

We're all shooting in the dark regarding promotions, but most things in life are trial and error, eh? 

I've just been interviewed by radio blogger Phil Naessens. As part of the deal, he sends you the code so you can upload the interview to your website. check it out: 


Don't know whether it will help me sell a single book, but it's now forming part of my press pack. 


I'm finding progress comes with time. My first novel has never been out of print, and it's quite popular in Europe, but it's taken seven years to get there. I guess it all comes down to perseverance. 

Perseverance, luck, and a little skill? And than even more perseverance.  :)

If you give away a book or two or three on Goodreads, millions of book readers will see the cover, read the description, and decide if they want to try and win it. As the author, you see each and every one of these people as they sign up. Male, female, young, old, likes and dislikes. Right now I have over 1000 people on my Goodreads site that I can look at and say -- this is my audience, these are the people who want to read my book.I learned SOOOOO much. It will cost you time and a minimum of one trade paper to give away. Best deal anywhere to see your market. Mine was NOT what I thought -- 90% women, young and old.

Listen: I know I'm onto something here. Look at all the big boys giving books away on Goodreads. Saw Michael Koryta of Little Brown offer 60 books yesterday.


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