Hi guys,

Anyone know a decent blog/review site I could contact to promote my new crime thriller novel? 

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That's what my mate did in the end. 

I don't do reviews except the very occasional one here on what I've been reading.  And they aren't reviews.  They are reactions. And I refrain from saying bad things about anything but bestsellers. Bestsellers cannot be hurt and deserve an occasional take-down.


But yes, Amazon reviewers will sometimes leave a nasty review. Frequently it's someone stupid who didn't read the book description and complains that a short story for 99 cents ought to have been a novel. Or they think they are smarter than the author. So far they haven't been.

Yet again, I find us in total agreement, I.J.

I agree, too.

As it happens, I think bestsellers are fair game, too.

Just finished reading JK Rowling's detective novel, written under the pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. 

Not bad. The writing, of course is pretty damned good, and the plot's acceptable. She resorts to the following well-tried cliches:

  1. Hero - crippled military policeman failing to make a good living as a private detective in civvie street 
  2. In Chapter two, the hero looks in mirror to describe himself to the reader (that's one I really hate)
  3. Secretary, (office temp) arrives and there's some romantic tension

These apart, the novel's pretty good and the crime is handled deftly. Although, I wonder if it's 'different' or 'exciting' enough to have won a publishing contract without the name JK Rowling attached to it. I think not. 

I'd have given it 3/5 stars, mainly because of the bloody mirror cliche. 

I didn't review it because the book already has 1200 bloody comments. 


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