One half bite...that's all it took. I couldn't even finish it. A chemical concoction without a hint of butterscotch flavor and certainly no butter. Worst sin? For me, the only reason to eat cake is to get icing into my mouth. These things have a bare 1/16 of an inch coating of some pale yellow something that I think is supposed to be icing, but comes nowhere near.

The rest go to a party this weekend, complete with a, "Warning! Hazardous materials!" sign on the table. Meh.

Anyway, just as I had hoped, both the experiment and the obsession are over, and I'll never have to waste another second wondering what Butterscotch Krimpets taste like.

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Let this be a lesson to you.

Never trusts a writer's judgment about anything. Because if they had any good judgment, they'd be doing something productive with their lives.

I understand you can use the leftovers to waterproof your basement.

It's all illusion!
I grew up in NJ, though I haven't lived there since high school. People there regard Tastykakes as the most wonderful treats ever. Evanovich made a good choice in using those to help create a sense of place, because everyone there eats them (Now someone here from NJ will tell me they don't eat them, but I submit they're unusual). I grew up on Krimpets - had them every day for lunch - but my husband and his late mother were addicted to some other variety that I don't remember. The last time we were there -- which hasn't been for a while since everyone in our families has either moved away or passed away -- we tried them again, and found them to be overly sweet and no better than any other crappy packaged cakes that they sell in every supermarket.
Hey! I told you the Tandytakes are better! ;-> As to what D. R. McMasters said, dang, what can be more productive than writing? It's the exchange of ideas, it's communication. It's important.
The pay is lousy, but the job is great.
Pay? What pay? Are we supposed to be getting paid for this? ;=P

Everyone has their idea of what a great pastry should be like. I grew up with a Euro-Canadian lust for rich sweet stuff like chocolate or strawberry shortcake. When good friends of ours came over awhile back they brought a strawberry mousse that mother and daughter had proudly created together using, get this, only one-fifth of the sugar called for by the recipe!

But at least I didn't gain any weight from that one! In fact, I'm pretty sure that every savoury bite burned off 500 calories! Good stuff...
I was just being evil.

I tend to do that occasionally.
On behalf of myself and all other diabetics everywhere who don't have the opportunity to try stuff like this for ourselves - Thank You! I am delighted to know I'm not missing a thing with Butterscotch Krimpets.

Sorry they were not to your liking, but at least I don't have to want them. Now if only some author would make me run out and buy wheat germ or some other healthy thing after describing it lovingly. Okay, I did get a craving once for celery, but I think that had more to do with some sort of chemical imbalance of my own than the book I was reading at the time.


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