Hi, I'm new here and since my favorite sub-genre is what I suppose could be called humorous or comic crime fiction. Big inspirations for me as a writer have been Donald E. Westlake and Carl Hiaasen. I am wondering if there is a particular corner where like minded CrimeSpace folk congregate?


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My house is good. Welcome! I thought our sub-genre was "screwball mystery."

I like that title. I just saw an article about half a dozen women writers of vampire/werewolf/hunky dude fiction (and how much more fictional can one get than that?) who are touring together under the brand "Smart Chicks". I'm thinking a "Wise Screwball" tour might be just the thing.
My touring days are over -- until I get a new book to sell.
Hi Alan,

I love crime and I love humor so welcome!

Best Wishes!

My Interview:
Any Marshall Karp readers here?
Welcome to CrimeSpace. I'm also a madcap mystery author, and a madcap paranormal mystery author. To my knowledge, there's no special room, we're all just mixed in here.


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