Ning is transitioning to a pay-only model, meaning the platform will no longer be free. This means Daniel will either have to pay up or shut down.

Read about this development here.

Daniel, how will this affect us? What are you planning to do?

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I heard about this yesterday afternoon but haven't had a chance to look into it until this morning. Of course, everyone else was awake while I was sleeping!

It looks like we'll find out more details on this in a couple of weeks, so I won't be making any decisions until then. They will need to have some sort of transition plan and all the network creators are already kicking up a big stink about it.

I guess for now, all I can say is if it's cheap I'll keep it going, if it's not I'll keep it going while I research other options. Once they come up with a plan, I'll have a think about things and make a post where we can all discuss what may or may not happen.

It's funny, but the way it came out was that the recently appointed, new CEO of Ning sent a letter to his employees, one of whom posted it on the Creator's forum. And now, rather than me finding out about it first, Benjamin beats me to the punch!

Damn you all for being awake while I sleep. ;)
Don't know what the fees will be, but what about setting up a paypal site to accept donations. I'd be happy to toss in a few bucks.
Me too!

I have only just found my way on to CrimeSpace, and the generosity of published authors has been amazing. So many pearls of wisdom, so willing to share; I have learnt so much, thank you, happy to contribute.
same here.
Absolutely. There's real value here. There could be a two-week trial period so people could see if they like it, but I've only been here a week or so, and already I can tell it's different from the self-promoting networks. The conversations are real, and have substance. I would pay for this.
I remember when NetZero was keeping the Internet free for everyone, until they decided to charge. Expected Google to do the same with Gmail, but so far, so good. Too bad this has to happen. I can't afford to pay for my own site. So far this year I've got a total of about $16 in royalties, and that doesn't buy much. And Crimespace is such a neat site. Bummer.
Aw, crap.
Wait. Who has to pay? Us? Or Daniel?
Here something to consider.
I read somewhere, where those writing contests generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. With all the writers here on Crimespace, putting together a regular writing competition complete with entry fees and awards for the best literary work would solve any financial worries. We certainly have the talent. It would accomplish two goals. One, most would feel their money is being spent to further their skills especially if there was a chance of their writing winning the prize. And two, keeping Crimespace alive is truly a worthy cause. There are a few literary sites online that do this already, Writer's Digest does it. I'm not sure but I think runs seasonal competitions (4) times per year and they seems to do well. It certainly keeps them afloat. Just FYI.
Johnny are you talking about a contest for writers on Crimespace already or outside writers who haven't joined? I might be confused on that. I don't know if this would work because a lot of writers don't have the time to do contests unless they have that on their agenda in the first place. Also, what about the published writers on here (me included?) if we did a contest, would it be fair to have the published writers against aspiring writers if this is for talent to be recognized? The main reason contests are around is for NEW writers to showcase their talents and get noticed. It wouldn't be fair if all of us, published or otherwise entered.

The thing about contests is it takes time for a writing contest to grow a respectable name, etc. For a contest to have merit and attract writers, it has to be something that will further the career of writers (if they do win).

Another thing to consider, most of us have to also get our writing done. A lot of us wouldn't be able to participate because we got books we're working on as well as other things. I know I couldn't work on no contest. I'm finishing the editing one book I've been working on for months while just starting another. And some writers have even more on their plate so the time factor would be a big issue. Who would have the time to do this? We might post here every so often on the forums, but who would be able to run a contest? That would take a lot of time that people probably don't have. Some of us have deadlines, novels to complete, revisions to do, etc. Setting up a contest takes a lot of time because you also have to promote it or you won't get anyone to enter.

I see what you are saying but I just don't know if that would work. If anything people can just donate money for the site, other than doing a contest. That would be more effective but for now we just gotta wait and see what Ning and Daniel says.

Also, the only contests I hear of that might generate that kind of money are the biggies and they've been around so long that a new contest wouldn't be able to bring something like that in. I also doubt that Ning wants thousands from the site creators. Who would pay thousands of dollars just to be on Ning? If the creators had that kind of money for a site, they would have paid for their own social network and not dealt with Ning in the first place. LOL.

Best Wishes!


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