Grew up with Sean Connery as James Bond. Tolerated (some just barely) all the incarnations of the Bond persona after Connery hung up his Walther PPK.

Connery just had this raw animal power oozing out of him which told everyone he was going to be one tough SOB. And his aura of confidence was like a brick thrown thru a plate glass window.

But . . .

Daniel Craig is just flat dangerous. It seems he's impervious to pain and this James Bond LIKES to take the nasties to the bad guys! So my vote goes for Daniel Craig as the best James Bond.

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agree with Dan.
the series had to finally update itself.
Craig is, in my opinion, the perfect Bond for today's audience.
He's tough, he's efficient--and the jokey 60's and 70's bits are gone, and I'm glad.
They had their place in a less dangerous and chaotic time.
One thing also that I thoroughly approve of that's different: baddies and others aren't just "blown away" --murder, violent death is shown for what it is--brutal and not over quickly very often.
Craig portrays it perfectly too--when murdering a baddie he looks like he's working to the limit--he's showing us that murder is tough even though the bad guy deserves to die.
this re worked Bond gives us more reality and less theatrics.
I loved Connery in particular--also liked the others that followed.
But Criag is the James Bond for today, in my opinion.
Carole's comments about Craig being today's version of Bond is kinda interesting. Actually I agree with John's opinion, if you read the books Craig fits Ian Fleming's Bond better than any of'em. And Fleming loved Connery as his movie version James Bond. But would he have chosen Connery over Craig if both had been available at the time?
no B.R. I don't think Flemming would have liked Craig, at least not in the time frame in which he lived.
Connery was probably everything Flemming would have wanted to be.
I mean women wanted to be Marilyn Monroe and men wanted to Sean Connery--at least that's what i think.
and I think those personal opinions would have swayed Flemming against Craig and to Connery.
And as for the Bond in the books being more like Craig--well! that says it all--Flemming's preferring Connery once the films came out make it clear--he just liked Connery's version of Bond.
it's rather interesting too!


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