I found this to be an interesting tidbit in the continuing E-book vs. Tree-book controversy. So, for what it's worth:


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Sorry, but I don't have time to watch all this.  This guy rambles on. Apparently he loves his print book. I have never suffered from this syndrome. At the moment I have boxes and boxes of my hc RASHOMON GATE cluttering up a closet. There are also other boxes of books, but RG is particularly threatening in its numbers. I have 8 novels in print in this country, plus more in foreign countries, plus audio books and large print books and collections. They all produced author copies. Like farmyard animals. Or rats.

Than I lost my publishers and turned to e-books. Suddenly no more storage problems! And I'm making more money now than I did back then, and I can publish 2 books a year if I manage to write two books a year, and I can write the books I want to write. And I don't have to fight semi-literate editors. And wait. And tremble. What's not to like about that?


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