Tink-tink-tink... Can I have the attention of everyone in the bar?

Most of you don't know me. That's okay; I'm the most famous person nobody has heard of.

I didn't know anybody in the industry, but I had the audacity of hope that I might write a good crime fiction novel. After 13 years of hard work, learning the craft, without an agent, I sold my first novel, How the Strong Survive. Since then, I've sold two more novels that are in the production pipeline.

Now to the news: How the Strong Survive was translated into French by Pascal Galodé éditeurs (Saint Malo, France), and it debuted on an Amazon France "bestsellers" list
( http://www.amazon.fr/gp/bestsellers/books/112858011 )
at #14 on 6 Feb, '09. It fell as low as #95 (out of 100) before bouncing back to #19. It's spent the last week bouncing around in the 30s. After 22 days, it is still in the top 100, now at #51.

A member of a French literary association notified me that I have been nominated for one of their prizes this year!

Not bad for a guy who still doesn't have an agent.

TYIA (thank you in advance) to those of you who will cheer with me. And to those few of you on CrimeSpace -- and you know who you are -- who told me I was a no talent wannabee cretin when you hadn't even read my novels, all I can say is that perhaps you should reconsider being prejudiced. Don't be small minded. Open up a little!

To all you real folks on CrimeSpace, thanks for hearing my news! If I could, I'd buy everyone in the bar a round of drinks!

Blessings on your path,

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I hope they discover you, too, if they haven't already!
But that is a wonderful story, Newt. Congratulations! And you're quite right. When the U.S. agents and editors find out that you have made a success for yourself in France, they should be very willing to reconsider. Don't forget the announce these credentials in your query letters.
Has anyone here really been unkind and rude to you? Shame on them. Ignore such people.
Yes, there have been some extremely rude people, some of which are on CrimeSpace, but I won't go into details. I choose to focus on the good stuff and good folks, like you. Life can be an adventure, but it is a lot more fun when shared with friends!
Blessings on your path,
When it comes to agents, I know how you feel, buddy. I've been flogging that dead horse for years with no results. And, assuming I do have talent, it has always been a mystery to me.
I know what you mean. There are some that everyone can see are talented, and then there are others that have agents, get contracts, et cetera, and yet their books aren't as good as ones from other folks, like you, who don't have an agent, a publicist, et cetera. It's a mystery to me!
Fantastic stuff, Newt. All good news in this crazy biz should be celebrated.
I'll hoist a French Vanilla ice-cream cone in your honor after lunch — might even add sprinkles ;-)
Merci beau coups!
That's okay little brother, I will remember that you owe me one. Great news. Keep your head down and keep those feet pumping.
Yep, but it's 1 and a half I owe you.
Congratulations, Newt! That's great news.
I look forward to reading your good news too! Isn't this "bar" a great place to have a "drink" and mingle?


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