Tink-tink-tink... Can I have the attention of everyone in the bar?

Most of you don't know me. That's okay; I'm the most famous person nobody has heard of.

I didn't know anybody in the industry, but I had the audacity of hope that I might write a good crime fiction novel. After 13 years of hard work, learning the craft, without an agent, I sold my first novel, How the Strong Survive. Since then, I've sold two more novels that are in the production pipeline.

Now to the news: How the Strong Survive was translated into French by Pascal Galodé éditeurs (Saint Malo, France), and it debuted on an Amazon France "bestsellers" list
( http://www.amazon.fr/gp/bestsellers/books/112858011 )
at #14 on 6 Feb, '09. It fell as low as #95 (out of 100) before bouncing back to #19. It's spent the last week bouncing around in the 30s. After 22 days, it is still in the top 100, now at #51.

A member of a French literary association notified me that I have been nominated for one of their prizes this year!

Not bad for a guy who still doesn't have an agent.

TYIA (thank you in advance) to those of you who will cheer with me. And to those few of you on CrimeSpace -- and you know who you are -- who told me I was a no talent wannabee cretin when you hadn't even read my novels, all I can say is that perhaps you should reconsider being prejudiced. Don't be small minded. Open up a little!

To all you real folks on CrimeSpace, thanks for hearing my news! If I could, I'd buy everyone in the bar a round of drinks!

Blessings on your path,

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Congrats on your elevation to obscurity.

You can be the Jerry Lewis of crime fiction, beloved by the French. ;)


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