Has a mystery novel ever made you do something, buy something or changed your beliefs in any way?

I'm posting this because...well, I finally did it. I went to tastykake.com and ordered a GIANT box of Butterscotch Krimpets, all because Janet Evanovich has Stephanie Plum inhaling them in every book, and also because the giant box was the smallest quantity I could buy.

It's the first time I can ever recall in my entire life that a book made me do something that I really didn't want to do. I KNOW those things are loaded with chemicals, not to mention artery-clogging hydrogenated oils. But Evanovich's repeated descriptions of them just broke me down, so there are 72, count 'em, 72 Butterscotch Krimpets headed to my house as we speak.

Now, I haven't totally lost my mind. Two days after the projected arrival of said Krimpets, there will be about 20 people in my house all night while we complete a movie for the Houston Film Race. We have 24 hours to write, shoot, edit, score the movie and turn it in, and I'm betting that by the time the 24 hours have flown by, the Butterscotch Krimpets will have flown by, too.

At least, that's my plan. and yes, I do plan to eat at least one, and pray that I can stop at one.

So how about all of you? Has a mystery novel ever made you do something against your better judgment, or made you buy something you would not have otherwise purchased, or has one somehow fundamentally changed your beliefs about something?

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Dude, I wear a gold Gonzo sword on my hat! The Duke Forever!
That's so cool! One of my college buddies found a six-fingered peyote pin on the ground. He gave it to me and I still wear it on my jacket. It's my way of remembering Raul.

Dammit, I miss his writing.
I am a huge Stephanie Plum and Janet Evanovich fan as well, and I have also found that something in the Plum books has made me change something I do. Stephanie Plum never leaves the house w/out her eyeliner, she says it makes her feel more confident, and I have actually found myself always making sure I have my eyeliner and lip gloss handy. Silly, yes! But also true!
I'm so with you on the eyeliner. I went to a film producers meet-up here in Houston earlier this week. This man I have known for years through my rock-hound club, who's been on at least three group rock hunts with me, came up to me and put the big moves on me, I mean BIG moves. I thought he was joking until his arm went snaking around my waist and I'm thinking, uh-oh, I know for a fact this guy is married!

So I say, _ _ _ _? (name redacted to protect the guilty)

And he says, surprised, "How do you know my name?"

And I say, "I'm in the rockhound club. We've known each other for years."

Then he pulls back and looks at me, really looks at me and says, "You've done something different."

And I had. I was wearing eyeliner. I will never leave the house without it again. Just hope the next guy the eyeliner snags ( 'cause I know it ain't me... ) is not married.
LOL! Yeah it is amazing the difference lined eyes and glossy lips can make! LOL! Makes'em go gaga! LOL!
Funny, using eyeliner has never done anything for me.
It's all in the way you hold the brush, B. R. ;-)

Of course, perfume helps, too...

and strawberry-flavored lip gloss.
Other than stay up until the wee hours reading and indulging in "guilt foods," a mystery novel has never done much damage of which I am aware. It is fun to spend some time in Fantasy Land. I have always enjoyed "strong" women characters who need to be rescued by a knight in shining armor. That said, I realize that God helps those who help themselves (if one is a believer) and humor goes a long way toward softening life's blows.
"Has a mystery novel ever made you do something, buy something or changed your beliefs in any way?"

Heck, yes, but I'm not sure I can put it into words. Jon pointed out that reading crime genre made him start writing it -- ditto for me. But there is more. Because I'm a true bibliophile from away back, books were always my teacher and my escape. I read so much growing up -- lots of conflicting ideas and such floating 'round in the bean. I loved every genre &mainstream lit as well.

I would say that being well-read both within our genre and without has given me a sense of confidence and of self that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I know, I know -- hold the cards and letters -- we're supposed to get that from our parents, right? But we don't all have that luxury, so thank God for books!

My opinions are my own, but having been exposed to so many varied opinions and ideas in that early reading material allowed me to formulate them with conviction. I guess that's what I'm trying to say.


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