I have the guts of a book in My Documents, waiting for 'continuity.' (Get done!) I've just finished two books, (procrastination?) Max Allen Collins – Quarry
in the Middle. (Hard Case Crime), and James Patterson – Cross
Country, ($1 bin at the Good Will).

I liked Collins, minimalistic style, noir-ish, protagonist in charge.

Even though James Paterson sells millions, I found his story simply a well disguised chase scene, with an ending that was flat for me. But it sure kept me tuning pages.

I want to combine both styles.

Dilemma: My book needs punch. After reading these two books, character arguments that end in, “You're wrong. Look it up.” must end in physical violence. And the “Boy,
she sure had nice eyes,”

some kind of wild sex scene. Boring is death. I need punch.

So your favorites, it you will. Two authors who write believable sex scenes. And two for outright violence. Not to cut and paste, but to get the feel, (literally).
Main stream fiction, last four/five years or so.

Supposed to write about what you know. Well, I don't need to get into any more street fights, to gain new insights on how it 'feels' getting the shyt kicked out of me. And as for wild sex? That's a vague, very vague memory, at best.  And my idea of 'wild' back then

Like I say, I need help.


Signed, In Need of Sex and Violence!

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Just my opinion:

Violence - must be written with vivd description of settings, movement and all the players without leaving the POV (as per Lee Child)

Sex - is the converse of the action scene - it must be written from the emotions and thoughts of the POV character. The physical actions can be left to the imagination of the reader. Even introducing whisical thoughts can enhance the scene.
The chase/fight scene at the climax of my #2 changes POV numerous times between my detective, his sidekick and the bad guy. I think it works pretty well as a dramatic device, in that particular case. So I'm not sure there are any hard and fast rules about POV and fight scenes. As for sex scenes--I don't necessarily think there are any rules about leaving the physical stuff to the imagination, either. As I said above, what people like to do in bed says a lot about them, but if we never see what they like to do, we'll never have access to those often very telling "secret" preferences.
Hi Cornelius, the most memorable sex scene I have read was by Nelson DeMille in his book 'Gold Coast', his character John Sutter and his wife Susan were astride her horse, having a merry old time. I still chuckle when I try and visualise the dynamics. If you haven't read Gold Coast and the (same characters) 2008 'The Gate House', may I thoroughly recommend them, his 'John Sutter' observations and narrations are pure brain candy. For fight scenes, here are a few I have hunted out for you, David Baldacci's 'The Whole Truth' P's 171 & 257. Michael Connelly's 'Bosch' (luv this character) in one of his recent books 'Nine Dragons' P 284/5, also Clive Cussler's characters Pitt and Giordino certainly mix it up, try 'Atlantis Found' 2 para P 99. I agree with I.J., Lee Child's Reacher, now there's a man who likes a scrap, anyhow hope it helps, have fun.....


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