So, what is everyone reading? I'm always looking for new authors and series to get into. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Just finished THE GIRL WHO series by Steig Larsson.  A bit of a tough slog at times, but wonderfully plotted.  The finale is masterful.  If you haven't read it, give it a try.  I also recently read the classic John D. MacDonald Travis McGee series.  If you haven't read them, it's best to read them in order.  A few of them have references to previous actions.

Thanks G...I'm going to look into Larsson, sounds like a good series. Good information on the Travis McGee series, that sounds (or in this case reads) like a promising series.


My favorite series right now are Robert Crais' Elvis Cole/Joe Pike books ( a new one is out Jan 11), I've read them all, and Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli & Isles, I've read the first two with the next two on my to read pile, and enjoyed them very much. and I've very much enjoyed all of James Patterson's Woman's Murder Club series


Hi David,

The Robert Crais novels sounds familliar. Someone else mentioned him to me a while back, said he was good. Didn't know Patterson had a Woman's Murder Club series. I've read some of his earlier stuff and like him a lot as an author so I'm sure the Murder Club series is good as well.


Recent favorites are stand-bys: Michael Connelly, Daniel Silva, and Martin Cruz Smith. And of course, the Dreamspell Nightmares thriller anthology for introduction to several authors.

Hi L.A. I'm going to have to check on these authors. Thanks for the feedback. The Dreamspell Nightmares sounds really interesting.


it's a figure of speech, just means I don't know about him so I'll have to read his work.


Michael Connelly. I'm a big fan.



The publisher is L&L Dreamspell and it's available in both print and multi e-book formats. The anthology is a good way to sample several authors. And I'll take five seconds to say I hope you also take a look at 13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy, in print and multi e-book formats as well.

I don't know the Dreamspell Nightmares anthology. I'll have to check it out.




Hi People! We are new to crimespace having just acquired a publisher for our second crime novel! Nice to meet you all and thanks for the recommendations! :-)

Hi Carol,

I too am new here, only a couple of days to be exact. Congratulations on the publisher. I wish you the best. Oh, welcome...



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