Hello all. I run the myspace page for the Film Noir Foundation and I keep a rotating top 5 "recommended" list of books on there (since noir is not just for the movies) For next month I want to do independent or self-published authors and I need recommendations. I won't have time to read everything so if you really love something and think others should read it I'd love to know about it so I can pass it on. Not just your own books please:) I'm sure they're great but if they are then someone else will toot your horn so you don't have to.

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Just received a new book from Seattle Mystery Books and one on the list suggested by booksellers is the new S. J. Rozan Lydia Chin/Bill Smith SHANGHAI MOON--comes ou t in February, so I have not yet read it. However, all the others have been of high literary quality.I am assuming this novel will be also.

This is a St. Martin's Minotaur publication, so maybe does not count for your list, but the brochure is headed by "IndieBound.org", and I really have enjoyed all of Rozan's books. I would love to see one of them made into a movie
I think the question pertains books published by independent (small) publishers or vanity publishers, or publishers that charge but also pay royalties.
Not really sure what qualifies as "independent," but you should check out Tom Piccirilli.
I you don't toot your own horn at some point in your career no one else is going know it needs tooting.
I think Serpent's Tail fits the definition. And I nominate PARIAH, Dave Zeltserman's latest crime offering from that well-known independent British publisher. It's the best noir novel I have read in ages. But don't just take my word for it. Read this review: http://www.thebookbag.co.uk/reviews/index.php/Pariah_by_Dave_Zeltse...
And Dave fits the definition for another reason: back in 2002, his first book was a self-published private eye novel called IN HIS SHADOW.

By the way, John, if I'm not mistaken ECW Press is an independent publisher, and they published a pretty fair noir novel called DIRTY SWEET.
Anything by Busted Flush Press,

Declan Burke's THE BIG O from Hag's Head Press, also, if you can track down his EIGHT BALL BOOGIE from The Lilliput Press it's brilliant.

Serpent's Tail - Charlie William's DEADFOLK, FAGS AND LAGER and KING OF THE ROAD, any of the reprints from Derek Raymond or David Goodis, books by Daniel Chavarria, the Ken Bruens they publish

No Exit Press - not fiction but Max Decharne's HARDBOILED HOLLYWOOD, anything by Daniel Woodrell

Bitter Lemon Press - loads of great international authors, including Tonino Benacquista, Giampiero Rigosi, Gianrico Carofiglio, Jorg Fauser, Friedrich Glauser

John McFetridge's DIRTY SWEET from, I think, Harvest Books

The Do-Not-Press - Ken Bruen, Paul Charles

Birlinn/Polygon - anything by Al Guthrie or Ray Banks

Point Blank - Al Guthrie and Ray Banks again, Duane Swierczynski's SECREET DEAD MEN, Anthony Neil Smith's PSYCHOSOMATIC and a wonderful reprint of Jame's McKimmey's SQUEEZE PLAY

Stark House - I love their reprints of some of the noir/hardboiled stuff

And, of course, Hard Case Crime.

Any boy, do I miss UglyTown. They came out with a wonderful edition of one of my all time favourite books - Eddie Muller's THE DISTANCE. And, of course, Victor Gischler's GUN MONKEYS.

Errrr...whall I stop there? :o)
Good stuff. Thanks! Now if I can stop working long enough to update the site I will list some of these gems. Working THREE jobs this week! How did that happen???
I agree with Donna, too. The funny thing is, THE BIG O was also published in hardback by Harcourt, and many folks may not know the Hag's Head edition is the true first.
Goodness - it's not often people agree with me - I shall savour the moment :o)

Eric - there are so many great small presses. I love searching out small press books. and any site/blog that seeks to do that is fine by me :o) The more recommendations the merrier! I've found some excellent books by reading a small press book, loving it, and then looking at what else the press publishes. Of course, sometimes it works the other way... ;o)
Point Blank Press has been mentioned, but not yet Donna Moore's Go To Helena Handbasket. How does this sound:

Bridget Jones meets Raymond Chandler meets Jeffrey Dahmer. That's what an Amazon review said. It also said, "Sam Spade in a skirt on acid."

Yesterday I saw someone wearing a t-shirt that said, "Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?"
Aw thanks John - they also said "I really don't know how it got published and I still can't believe that the well produced volume in such an attractive cover could be so inane and such a con." so don't believe everything John tells you :o) I need to tell my mother to stop posting reviews on Amazon...
You're funny.


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