I'll be there; I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

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I'm in.
I think there's a good little core group going. Dana, me, Jack G, a few others.
I'll be there...along with Libby Cudmore
I'm going. Looking forward to meeting you guys. I'm on the "Continuous Conversation" panel.
These things are HUGE. I don't think we should expect to run into each other. There was talk earlier of meeting in the main bar Saturday afternoon or evening. (Didn't we offer Jon a drink?) I'll wear my Crimespace button hat. Actually the hat has a whole lot of buttons on it, so I'll probably be sitting alone, too.
We'll be, like, who's the guy with all the freakin' buttons on his hat. Then somebody will say, "Jesus--is that Jack?"
Since the Anthony ceremony & reception is 4-6 pm and the charity auction starts at 7 pm, it sounds to me like 6-7 pm is the PERFECT window for snacks and drinks with the Crimespace gang at the main Hyatt hotel bar. I'll look for your hat then Jack!
I'll be there Thursday Afternoon through Saturday, (Leaving early Sunday morning.)

I'll see many of you there.

Jack Bludis
I shall be there! Looking forward to seeing you Naomi.
I'm going! It should be fun! I have a panel Friday morning at 10. My publisher might be giving out ARCs of my book THE BONE CHAMBER Friday morning at 8...
Count me in. See you there.
Gwen Mayo and I will be attending. Unsure if and when we will be available. The schedule is pretty full.
If you see the pic below, it's us.


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