Saw this today in my Publishers Marketplace newsletter:

John McFetridge's SWAP and TUMBLIN' DICE, chronicling the ongoing clash between a wide spectrum of law enforcement personnel and organized crime figures operating against each other on both sides of the US/Canadian border, to John Schoenfelder at Thomas Dunne Books, for publication in Winter 2010, by Amy Moore-Benson of AMB Literary Management (US).

Way to go, John!

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Congrats, John!
Thanks guys. I'm really pleased to have landed at St. Martins/Thomas Dunne, along with quite a few other CrimeSpace members.
Exciting. That's why I broke Elmore's rule and used an exclamation point in the headline. Way to go, John.
Congratulations, John. Excellent.
How brilliant! Mega congratulations John - very well deserved.
Congrats man!

But damn, 2010? Tell them to get the lead out. What takes so long?
Big congrats, John. This is great news.
John, that is absolutely fabulous news. Major congratulations.
What more can I add John but more congratulations and more exclamation points!!!
Thanks everybody.

It was tough when Harcourt imploded and got out of the fiction business - though I had a good experience there - and I hope when the merger dust settles they get back in that part of publishing (and maybe someday they bring out a paperback edition of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - it's kind of an orphan now).

2010 does seem a long way off, but that's how long it takes (it's less than when I was in the movie business, at least). I hope once this contract gets going I can settle into the book-a-year schedule. It's how I've been writing them, it just hasn't worked out with the publishers.
Congratulations, John!! It's always difficult to land a contract with a major publishing house, but never more so than in these tough economic times.
Glad to be able to say I've read SWAP, and even more pleased to say it's John's best yet ... no mean feat considering how good the first two were. The only thing is, with mega-stardom, the beard will have to go ... and we're trying to stick a cool 'Dutch'-style name on him, aka 'Fetch'. Any takers?


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