First, read this post by Smashwords founder Mark Coker.

Then tell me how you feel about PayPal dictating what Smashwords can sell. Sure, the site's turned into Smutwords lately. But offensive material is the price you pay for a 100% free market of written material.

My view is that PayPal needs to think hard about taking the moral high ground. Because if it wants to "go there," it needs to look at every transaction it processes.

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I don't think Jon is Nee. Though, they both have taught writing for a while, so...hmmm.

Everybody is "nee" something.  :-)

I don't really think that.  That whole sort of game is for twits.

So you know that jerk?  He has a name?  He TAUGHT WRITING????????

The more I think on it, that explains a lot.  Internet rumor mills and the lames that believe them and pass them on.

It's really brought down my initital impression of this group.

I am not defending nor putting anyone down but, what makes Nee an idiot or jerk? Did he disagree with something you were saying?

No, I don't write people off for disagreeing with me.  I enjoy discussions from different viewpoints.

What I don't like is mindless personal attacks, especially from anonymous ID's like Nee.   This whole "he/she/it" thing is getting old and I'm beginning to think he started it and passed it on here.

Or not.  That's really the extent of my interest in the issue.  Bullies and cowards are, ultimately, boring.

By the way,  I'm still upset about you and your fellow thugs trashing my amazon posts.  Your bunch is closer to Nazis than you think.  And I'm sick of it.  Gangs of bullies make me ill.

Why don't you either fess up or buzz off you little sneaks?

Slink off, then jump out for the next grade school slambook jab, right?  What a punk.  

Ms. Hunnicutt to you.  Not that I particularly want to hear anything from you or your chicken little boyfriends.

Yep this started with Bookstrand. They were the first Paypal told to start pulling books then a few days after it was Smashwords. Will probably be others.

Be interesting to see if they take on amazon.   I'd buy a grandstand seat for that one.  Trouble is, not sure who I'd root for.  Like a battle of sumo pushers-around.

As far as I know, Amazon doesn't use PayPal at all. To buy from Amazon, you have to open an Amazon account with a credit card or a debit card. So Amazon can decide all by itself what it does or doesn't want to sell.

Ooo, good point. I must be dozing. Yeah, they're like department have an account there so you buy from them even if it's higher, right?

Frankly, this makes me wonder if amazon didn't put PayPal up to this.

Or possibly Satanist commies.

Maybe Literotica, that's where most of the stuff is stolen from, you know, or so I heard...

If it's actually profitable Smashwords will likely start up another company, Smashedwords, and use something other than PayPal for the transactions. It's the Meatgrinder software that makes Smashwords what it is, isn't it?

He said "meat grinder".  Huh, huh, huh. 


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