What Crime Fiction Stereotype Would You Make Disappear?

If you read enough crime fiction, you'll eventually notice a few recurring tropes. The tortured PI who drinks too much, for example.

If a genie popped out and said you could eliminate one of these stereotypes forever, which one would you choose? (This genie is picky about the wishes it grants.)

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The masses really do not seem to value such endeavors, do they? I am sure such a story could get a cult following, but mass success? Not sure about that.

I think I'm of the view that compelling characters can make the cliche and overdone worthwhile. Everything will seem cliche to somebody and everybody is going to have varying things that annoy them. Maybe the answer isn't to make these stereotypes disappear as much as simply try to write something that offers a story without them. That way, with each of us excluding the things we're bored with will ensure that we all have varied works. Maybe mixing up some cliches will sort of cancel the cliche part of each out and make something a little more original. 

Well, I've never read, "The Name of the Rose," but it does feature a monk solving a crime, doesn't it? Every once in a while something sneaks through to a bigger audience, but I agree, it's a longshot.

There's a reason why there's a Starbucks on every corner and you have to go blocks to find that cool, indie coffee shop before it goes out of business.

Solving murders actually.

And we're getting used to the fact that vows of celibacy don't necessarily mean "no sex".  :-)

But maybe it should mean "no sex" again. That's a cliche I'd get rid of, the evil/angry with the Vatican/rebel against the Church priest. IMO, it's quite a cliche. 

I actually have a priest in my story who often ends up in the middle of cases. He's celibate but I still feel he's interesting. He's got flaws and I think he could have a lot of potential to even be bumped up to lead protagonist in a future book.

I think we need a few more celibate characters in fiction. We got plenty of sexually active people. When everybody is sexually active in a story, meh, who cares anymore when they do it? But that's another topic altogether. lol 

I think the way to get something new to sneak into fiction is to do it subtly. Write the commercial crime thriller but sneak in something new here and there. I try to do that anyway. It's not easy and I have no clue if I succeed or not. But I'm still trudging along.

I read it years ago.  Very good on atmosphere and research.  But somewhat tedious in the telling.

The villainous priest (see also Da Vinci Code) is a current commonplace that allows people to hate another religious group with great righteousness.  It probably was one reason the DVC became a runaway bestseller.  Most American protestants (Baptists and fundamentalists) love bashing the Catholic church.  The other attraction was replacing a paternalistic religion with a female-centered one. At least Eco didn't pull those stunts.

Actually, it's way easier to hate your own religious group.

I don't think the priesthood need Baptists to bash it these days.  Just pick up the paper.

I agree that people love hating on the Catholic Church. It's one of the religious groups it's still hip to diss in pop culture. Probably why I've made it a mission of mine to create strong and devout Catholic characters who can be interesting without feeling the need to go against their religious teachings. :)

Oh it's still OK to diss protestants and Baptists and fundamentalists.   Kind of like it's OK to diss white people and men.  And blondes.   And your mama.

It's OKAY, but it's not really as meaningful. The Catholics are a bigger target and more cinematic. 

Not in the USA they're not bigger.  By a long shot.    Worldwide. of course, they're a tiny minority.   Like white people and men and blondes.

I am not speaking about population statistics. It's not about which has more members. It's social target size. And in the USA, they are MUCH bigger targets than any of the Protestant denoms. (Even if you generalized Protestants into groups like Baptists, you still will have trouble targeting them collectively.) Even the news disproportionately targets negative stories about Catholics. You referenced the negative news about priests in the newspapers. In terms of actual numbers, there were more Protestant ministers molesting kids than there were priests. (The insurance companies know this cause they were paying it all out.) Yet, the priests get all the coverage. Why? Catholics are a bigger target. Nobody cares what the minister of some isolated Baptist church does. But have a priest be caught doing something bad? Then it's a news story. At least as far as Christianity goes, the Catholics are by far the biggest target. Others are targeted a lot too, don't get me wrong. But I find that it's hipper to attack the Catholics. It's like a golden goose of media, both news and fiction.

So, I've decided I'll be an opposing force and start having some positive Catholics! Who knows, maybe I can utilize the obsession. :)

There are much more protestants in the US than Catholics. Just a fact, much remarked.

Nobody cares whether a Protestant is a Methodist of Baptists. Few know the difference.  

If you have stats on the molestation thing, you should share them.

But I doubt it. The celibacy of priests and the massive cover ups by the organization militate.  People don't accuse them off them because they are Catholics for pete's sake.  But because they are pedophiles.

This is a really, really stupid converstation here, so I guess if you want to think Catholics are some huge target for discrimination because they are bigger or smaller or whatever, you just go right ahead.

If you have any views on men, white or blondes, they might make more sense.


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