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The City

Image I grew up in a small town and think it was the best option for schooling and a friendly, safe community.

I still live in a small town but it’s…


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Okay, so the moment has arrived – it’s finally time to begin your incredible new project.  The idea for this masterwork, previously a tiny, dry seed sleeping in your mind, has suddenly begun to sprout.  Urgent stems have thrust their way into the sunlight and reached for the sky, buds have formed, leaves have unfurled, roots and tendrils have surged in all directions at once, and the whole thing is growing at a geometric rate.  New characters are introducing themselves to you on a regular…


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Are We Soon Going to See Robocop for Real?


Robo If you are familiar with any of my…


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Which Key Piece of Evidence Can Make or Break a Case?

fingerprints I have received so many questions, comments and emails about fingerprint evidence and crime scene investigations, so I decided to keep with the theme from one of my previous posts about fingerprints.  There is so much more the fingerprint evidence from discovery to…


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"Winterland" by Alan Glynn

This review of "Winteland" by Alan Glynn may be of interest.


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The Bitch, by Les Edgerton

True noir is hard to find. By “true noir,” I mean the classic story of a person who is not necessarily bad, but can be nudged in that direction, either through opportunity, or forced by events. This person makes decisions that go sour, though the options at the time ranged from bad to worse; the die was cast with the first unfortunate choice. The stories are engrossing because readers can’t help but wonder what they would do in the same situation, and are relieved…


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Review: "Beat To A Pulp: Hardboiled 3" Edited by David Cranmer & Else Wright

“’Just the luck of the draw, “Caleb would say, “sometimes you pull aces and sometimes two’s, and one times you pull an ace when what you really need is that two to make a straight.’” (Page 85, “The Blow Jobs” by Josh Stallings)


That attitude towards life very well sums up the situation for all the characters in Beat to a Pulp:  Hardboiled 3.  The characters in these nine pieces are folks that almost always have losing hands. Sometimes they know it…


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Review: "Archie Solves The Case" by Dave Zeltserman

Boston’s brilliant investigator Julius Katz does not work unless he absolutely has to make some money. For his artificial intelligence sidekick, Archie, this is a frustration. As much as he can feel or recognize frustration, because Archie uses their cases to build on his neural network. Archie does not expect Julius Katz to meet with this latest potential client, Henri Chervil, but Julius surprises him and easily agrees to a meeting.


Julius soon figures out why the legendary…


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Review: "The Gods Of Guilt: A Lincoln Lawyer Novel" by Michael Connelly

“’You know, lawyers have all sorts of nicknames for things, including juries. We call you people the ‘gods of guilt.’ Not in any sort of disrespect for religion or faith. But because that is what you are. You sit here and you decide who is guilty and who is not. Who goes free and who does not. It is a lofty and yet weighty burden. To make such a difficult decision you must have all the facts. You must have the whole and true story. You must have the proper interpretation of the…


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There are a lot of people who view all sub-plots with the gravest suspicion, regarding them at best as a pointless distraction from the main business at hand, and, at worst, as a dangerously amateurish self-indulgence.  Kill your darlings, they screech like dogma-drilled harpies, kill, kill, kill them all!  Needless to say, I disagree.

In a general sense, I’m all in favour of sub-plots.  In fact, I delight in them.  They offer so many exciting possibilities to writers of…


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One of the many smaller pleasures of writing fiction is the fun to be derived from choosing the names of your characters.  There’s a lot of joy in nailing down the perfect name for your maverick cop/cerebral private detective/vampire overlord/super-soldier from Planet Zap, and just as much amusement in bestowing the names of people you dislike upon the seedy/degenerate/evil characters currently paddling around in the shallow end of your WIP’s gene pool.  But the truth is that the more you…


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Countdown promotion is on!

Kindle readers! Get "Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever" while it's still 99 cents! Go here:


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Review: "Gumshoe" by Paul Brazill

New Year’s Day would be ugly enough thanks to the hangover if it wasn’t made worse by neighbors playing a certain and very annoying U2 song over and over. Fortunately in Seatown, a fading town on the northeast coast of England, Peter Ord, can pick up a few bucks here and there as a private investigator so that he can buy the booze and pills he needs to function. Look up self-medicating patient in the dictionary and there would be his name and a picture as he fits the classic definition.…


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Kindle Discount for "Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever"

Starting tomorrow, Jan. 23, Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever is being discounted on Kindle. From that day until the next, it'll be 99 cents, a 76 percent discount. Then, from the 24th to the 26th, the book will be $1.99, and from the 26th until 11 a.m. the 27th, 26 percent off at $2.99. Get it while it's hot!


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Creating memorable characters is key to creating a successful and riveting crime novel claims British crime author, Pauline Rowson

Creating a likeable, interesting and complex main character, one the reader can have empathy with, one they want to trust, feel his/her pain and disappointments, root for throughout the story is the key to creating a successful and riveting crime novel.

Pauline Rowson author of the popular DI Andy Horton crime series explains how…


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Apart from ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ (although in some cases, ‘Why do you get these ideas?’ might be the more appropriate inquiry), one of the more frequently questions writers get asked about their work involves the creation of character.  Both readers and writers alike are always interested to know which came first, the story or the character.  The answer is usually character.  Or story.  Or both.  Or neither...

The truth is there is no stock answer, it’s different…


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Always a tricky one, isn’t it?  People who love books frequently love movies, but it doesn’t always work the other way around.  Filmmakers and studios know this, which is why movies of books so often disappoint their avid readers.  A novel is usually the work of an auteur, a tin-pot god whose every word is law.  Even in the hands of a cinematic auteur, film-making is a massively collaborative process, and very rarely is it the chief aim to painstakingly recreate the novel that only a tiny…


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Of course, I've always known this.  It's a rare day when I write something that works perfectly first time.  More often than not, everyday stresses and concerns intrude on my writing time, meaning that my mind is never as focused as I would wish it to be.  The end result is that I not only write sentences back to front, I also write paragraphs inside out, and write them in the wrong order, too.  It's like my mind has all the information it needs to write the story, but because there's so…


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5 books which you can't have

... not unless you want a slapped wrist.

At the end of December, I blogged about 7 books which influenced me growing up.

That got me thinking – which books have I read since then which have had an impact on me as both a writer and reader? Which books, to this day, do I recommend to friends telling them ‘You HAVE to read this!’ Which books remain on my bookshelf, to be re-read every couple of years?

And which ones wouldn’t I lend to you, because I’d be scared you…


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The Safe Word an Eleanor Raven Thriller

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