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Review: "A Deadly Affair At Bobtail Ridge: A Samuel Craddock Mystery" by Terry Shames

As A Deadly Affair At Bobtail Ridge opens Samuel Craddock is awakened by a pounding at his door. His neighbor, Jenny Sandstone is on his porch and very upset.  Her mom, Vera Sandstone, apparently has had a stroke and has been rushed to a hospital in nearby Bobtail, Texas. Jenny needs to get to the hospital and wants Samuel to call Truly Bennett to take care of her horses. Despite his aversion to horses, Samuel takes care of them himself and before long he is at the hospital.…


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A Chat With Lawrence Block



So, this morning I was sitting around trying to think of what to post for this week's blog. How do you follow three wonderful weeks of author interviews?

Then someone knocks on my door and when I answer, there stands a man weaing a hat that shadows his face. He hands me a large…


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Review: "After The Fire: A Bill Travis Mystery" by George Wier

For Bill Travis, financial advisor and sometimes a bit more, everything started with Sol Gunderson’s goats. The man has ten areas of land out of east of Austin, Texas. On the land he raises 40 or 50 Spanish goats. Now one is dead at the base of a hill on his property. It does not take Bill Travis long as he stared at the dead goat to figure out that something really bad and unnatural had happened to that goat.…


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Book Marketing: It's Not Just For The Sane Anymore...

Part of any author's life is the "joy" of shouldering the hobo-stick, pulling on the walking shoes... and hitting the highway (literally, or on the Internet's Information Highway) to MARKET the flippin' thing.

That is a "given" for all scribes, whether publisher-published or indie/self-pubb'd variety, if only because nobody will market the everlovin' hell out of your books like YOU will.

It can be akin to an…


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Deadly Contemplation

Hi Guys, 

Has anyone every read Deadly Contemplation? Well, if you have then book two is now…


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Review of BLOOD ON SNOW by Jo Nesbo

Gripping new Crime novel from the Norwegian author. MURDER BEACH MYSTERY REVIEWS. http://billsmedia.blogspot.com

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Interview With Thriller Writer Eden Sharp

There is a new interview on my website of thriller writer Eden Sharp.

Eden Sharp Interview


I'm looking for more crime writers to interview on my blog. If you…


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Review: "Dead Broke In Jarret Creek: A Samuel Craddock Mystery" by Terry Shames

Former Police Chief Samuel Craddock didn’t want to be police chief again or investigate any more murders. But, the last few months have been kind of rough in the small south Texas town of Jarret Creek. There were some murders and Samuel Cradock, bum knee and all, got dragged into solving them. Deep in the grip of winter Jarrett Creek is about to have still more problems.


The town is bankrupt. The night before there had been an emergency meeting of several of the town’s…


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Review: "The Setup Man" by T. T. Monday

The appeal for me is the same as it ever was. Playing a child’s game for money can be hard on your self-respect. Even now, I’m still not a doctor or a diplomat, but I’m more than I was. I’m more than a guy on a bench cracking seeds, waiting for a lefty to bat in the eighth.

God help me if a man’s not entitled to that. (Page 5)



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Review: "The Rabbit Died" by Sue Anne Jaffarian

Easter Sunday is another holiday that is not going well. Zelda is used to family dysfunction and the resulting stressful holiday, but this year is way worse than normal. Her Dad quit his job at the car dealership and took the bimbo secretary with him. He also caused huge financial issues as he has cashed out the…


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The elevator pitch

Just a few thoughts on something you may not think you need, but then spend a day kicking yourself when the opportunity pops up and you’re caught by surprise.

You’ve plowed through 4 drafts, wrestled with two copy editors, and finally put the finishing touches on that book you started writing two years ago. So you think you’re done, right? I don’t think so.

Now you need a stop-them-in-their-tracks query, so it’s back to work. You spend the next month perfecting the hook and…


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Review: "Li’l Tom and the Pussyfoot Detective Bureau: The Case of the Parrots Desaparecidos" by Angela Crider Neary

Li’l Tom is a kitten that is doing pretty good for himself these days as he heads up the elite Pussyfoot Detective Bureau of Telegraph Hill located in San Francisco. The hill is a great place to have a business as well as his residence because there are so many places to hide and do cat things. Because the humans of the San Francisco Police Department aren’t interested, the Pussyfoot Detective Bureau helps animals with their problems such as missing rubber toys, catnip traffickers, and…


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Publishing a Crime Novel Using CreateSpace

When I was twelve, I self-published my first book. It was a fantasy story I wrote on an old typewriter with a fading ribbon. To make my story look like a real paperback, I cut some sheets of A4 down to the right size with a pair of fairly blunt scissors that resulted in every sheet being a little ragged and not quite straight because I didn’t have a proper paper slicer. I sellotaped about two hundred pages together into my book, which didn’t look exactly…


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