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The Bad Day

bad day pic (This was written a few months back. I've since moved on and hope I can avoid this kind of experience in the future)

I know. Everybody has bad days but don't you feel some people have more than their fair share? You may even think this about yourself.

As writers, bad days can turn into opportunities for story content. So, feel free to use any of my experiences in one of your…


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Ten Reasons Men Must Start Reading Fiction Again

According to recent statistics, men have all but stopped reading fiction. Do they watch great television? Yes. Do they read non-fiction? Some. But the novel – that great interior journey – seems to have been lost to them.

It wasn’t always this way.

The path from boyhood to manhood used to…


Added by Victoria Dougherty on November 28, 2013 at 7:57am — 13 Comments

Review: "Genre Shotgun: A Collection Of Short Fiction" by Terry W. Ervin II

Genre Shotgun: A Collection Of Short Fiction features thirteen previously published tales classified into four categories. Published by Gryphonwood Press last year the book continues the author’s word count assault on the reading public with quality storytelling and interesting characters. Like his Flank Hawk series, there are plenty of twists and surprises in these very good tales.


The book opens with the “Horror/Suspense” category. There are…


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Review of POLICE by Jo Nesbo

A top notch crime thriller. At Murder Beach Mystery Reviews.

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"Stone Cold--Best New England Crime Stories" On Sale

The anthology, "Stone Cold--Best New England Crime Stories," is now on sale.

I am proud to have one of my short stories, "Pipe Dream," included.

Added by Jed Power on November 23, 2013 at 5:03am — No Comments

Japan Before "Shogun"

Folks, I have a blog up on Suzanne Adair's site ( where I talk about writing the Akitada series. You'll find a nice discussion there, and a book giveaway, and the announcement that DEATH ON AN AUTUMN RIVER will be free for Kindle November 23-26.



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A Special Holiday Giveaway

DISTORTION is now a top selling Kindle murder mystery and to thank everyone I’m doing a special giveaway:

One signed copy of DISTORTION

with an oil painting kit and

a signed first draft of the first chapter of PARADOX.

To qualify: Buy DISTORTION anytime from now until December 23rd to qualify. Send me a copy of your Amazon, B&N or bookstore receipt to wonderactivist (at) yahoo (dot) com. Phone snapshots will do if you have a paper… Continue

Added by Lucie Smoker on November 22, 2013 at 5:00am — No Comments

A visit to the Hampshire Police Fingerprint Bureau for crime author Pauline Rowson

Crime authors get to research all sorts of interesting things and last Saturday I spent a fascinating morning at the Fingerprint Bureau at Hampshire Police Support Headquarters at Netley, UK, learning how the fingerprints taken at the scene of crime and of people in police custody are identified. Although I'd researched this before and have had lots of advice from the Fingerprint Team I went there specifically to ask questions that relate to the…


Added by Pauline Rowson on November 22, 2013 at 3:31am — No Comments

Elmore Leonard

Just finished 'Bandits", a real page turner. I didn't realize Leonard wrote 'Get Shorty' and 'Be Cool." Both were major motion pictures with John Travolta and Danny DeVito. (DeVito produced both films.)

Added by Joe D'amato on November 21, 2013 at 2:14am — 1 Comment

Review: "Thuglit: Issue 8"

Thuglit 8 is the latest installment of the series and another hard hitting anthology of eight stories that portray life on the edges of society. If you want to feel good about humanity you should look elsewhere for your reading material. Or, read Thuglit 8 after donning a pair of rose tinted glasses and loading your favorite shotgun.


After a brief intro by Todd Robinson, the stories begin with “McFerrin and Black” by Buster Willoughby. Working at…


Added by Kevin R. Tipple on November 20, 2013 at 12:27pm — No Comments

DISTORTION #14 in Kindle Murder Mysteries

I'm so grateful to Buzz Books USA and my entire community for pushing my first book, DISTORTION, up the ladder on Amazon. It was just featured in Ereader News Today and was the focus of a grassroots FB campaign. All from a tiny publisher. I'm so grateful.

Added by Lucie Smoker on November 20, 2013 at 12:00am — No Comments

Thomas L. Hay Releases New Book Video Trailer for Novel "An Abduction Revelation"

An Abduction Revelation is a mystery fiction novel that explores an interesting mix between the paranormal and true life events of the author.

The intriguing book video trailer for An Abduction Revelation, published by Balboa Press, was revealed today on DGT Book Promotion news. In addition, Thomas L. Hay shared an insightful interview this week on the Reading and Writing Addiction blog about himself and the release of An Abduction Revelation. An Abduction Revelation…


Added by Dee Thomas on November 19, 2013 at 10:53am — No Comments

DISTORTION anniversary sale, 99 Cents

An artist paints a crime scene in reverse perspective and turns a murder investigation backwards--onto her friends. DISTORTION is a gritty Houston mystery on the backstreets of the art world. Here's a link to pick it up for 99 cents.

I've been rather tied up with short projects and with writing the sequel, PARADOX, so the anniversary sort of snuck up on me, but… Continue

Added by Lucie Smoker on November 19, 2013 at 2:05am — No Comments

Review: "One Thousand Dollars A Word" by Lawrence Block

It is a very familiar plight for just about any writer. James “Jim” Trevathan wants a raise and after twenty years he doesn't think it is unwarranted. He is a writer for a magazine edited by Warren Jukes. Jim has been placing stories nearly every month for over twenty years and still gets only 5 cents a word. He wants and deserves more.


Editor Warren Jukes isn't prepared to pay more. In his mind there is no need. If Jim wants more money he better produce more stories each…


Added by Kevin R. Tipple on November 17, 2013 at 3:35am — No Comments

Review: "The Killer Wore Cranberry: Room For Thirds" edited by J. Alan Hartman

Have you ever looked at that classic Norman Rockwell picture of Thanksgiving where the bird is about to meet its end at the utensils of all the happy family at the table and seen something sinister going on? What might possibly lurk behind those smiles? Is a smile on one or more at the table just a little too forced? Maybe you think the picture is fine. Maybe your own family is a cause to contemplate a little holiday murder. You get the family you are born into, but who says some of them…


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Review: "Mind Prison: A Short Story" by Dave Zeltserman

Graham Winston has a plan to revolutionize what it will mean to be a prisoner in Massachusetts. Because the Governor and a number of other key political people are on board with it, technology will be used to rehabilitate prisoners while also saving the state tens of thousands of dollars.


Whether the plan is ethical or morally right is another question. A question Dr. Graham Winston isn't at all prepared to answer. Especially since he is cheating on his wife with a beautiful…


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Authors Handy w/Phone Video Recorder or Camcorder 4 Promo Swap.

Have you heard the saying that free publicity is the best publicity?  Well, after spending tons of advert dollars, I found this saying totally true.  So, if you're an author, have a book or book related business that could use some FREE promo, I may have an opp for you.  On a prepared 15 - 30 second pitch (the industry calls it a pop or drop...shout-out), you'll be able to state your name, book, biz in exchange for mentioning my film production.  I'm legit, above board so I'd need your…


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A Killing Coast, DI Andy Horton (7), now published in paperback and as an audio book

A Killing Coast, the seventh in the DI Andy Horton series has been published in paperback and as an unabridged audio book. Already available in hardcover and as an e book, published by Severn House, it has been released as an unabridged audio book by Isis publishing, read by Gordon Griffin who also reads the others in the DI Horton series. Published in the UK, Commonwealth and America,…


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