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What's Left Behind

I got the idea for this story after watching a real-life crime documentary about a murdered teenage girl. She set out for school one day walking through a wooded area and was never to return home again. Her body was discovered several days later, she’d been strangled. Her killer was never found,…


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Review: A Real Shot in the Arm

A Real Shot in the Arm, by Annette Roome

A Plot Summary:

When Chris Martin — housewife and mother-of-two —…


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What constitutes a beach read? Any book that whisks you away on a cyber (or cerebral) vaca! Here's the 7 authors with new titles and a chance to win three books: Nancy Parra, Annamaria Alfieri, David Freed, Jan Christensen, Aneta Adamcova-Cruz, Laura Benedict and Nancy Lynn Jarvis.…


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What's on in February - DI Andy Horton (8), Death Lies Beneath published in paperback and audio book, talks and writing

February sees the publication in paperback of Death Lies Beneath,the eighth in the series of British Police Procedural crime novels featuring the flawed and rugged detective, DI Andy Horton. It has also be released as an unabridged audio…


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Pauline Rowson explains how she uses time frames in novels when writing the DI Andy Horton crime series

Time frames in novels, and particularly when writing a series, as I do with the DI Andy Horton novels, are a tricky thing. There is ‘real time’ and there is ‘fictional time’.

In ‘real time’ I write two DI Horton novels a year whereas in ‘fictional time’ the current novels are set over a period of sixteen months, which means there are an awful lot of murders in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, making it…


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Review - Antidote to Murder, Felicity Young


Author:  Felicity Young

ISBN:  9780732293697

Series: Dody McCleland

Year of Publication:  2013

Publisher:  Harper Collins

Location:  London (Edwardian)

Book Synopsis

When an act of compassion misfires, autopsy surgeon Dr Dody McCleland must fight not only for her career, but also for her life.

The body of a scullery maid is discovered in her room. When it emerges that she had recently begged Dody to terminate…


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Review - Murder with the Lot, Sue Williams


Author:  Sue Williams

ISBN: 9781922079787

Series: Cass Tuplin

Year of Publication: 2013

Publisher: Text Publishing

Location: Mallee, Victoria


A smart, sassy self-appointed private investigator, Cass Tuplin is unforgettable and the town of Rusty Bore will never be the same...

Cass Tuplin's takeaway isn't the last shop left in Rusty Bore. There's also Vern's General Store. But it's true the town's not…


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January Justice by Athol Dickson

Award winning author, Athol Dickson is pleased to announce the first installment of his new murder mystery series, The Malcolm Cutter Memoirs. First up is January Justice. To read the first few chapters or purchase January Justice visit

A limited number of Kindle editions are available to those willing to leave an honest…


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Mindfulness and Murder by Nick Wilgus, the fourth Crime Wave Press title, is out now!!!

W hen a homeless boy living at the youth shelter run by a Buddhist monastery turns up dead, the abbot recruits Father Ananda, a monk and former police officer, to find out why. He discovers that all is not well at this urban monastery in the heart of Bangkok. Together with his dogged assistant, an orphaned boy…


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Stephen R. Coar's "The Deadly Track...A Ride Against Time"

If you like fast-paced action stories with a moral lesson thrown in, I think you’ll enjoy this one. 


In a nutshell:  A deformed, angry, man’s life goal is to bring the New Jersey rail system to a complete standstill and murder as many innocent passengers as possible.  An FBI special…


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James Patterson’s “I Michael Bennett” with Michael Ledwidge

Forbes lists him as one of the wealthiest men on earth.  Law enforcement lists him as one of the most ruthless drug lords on the planet. 

He is linked to approximately 700 murders in the past 3 years.  His enemies run to the witness protection program at the mere mention of his name.  If they don’t, they end up dead.


He has ordered the assassination of U.S. border patrol agents and their entire families.  Even a sitting judge is not immune to his…


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Robert B. Parker, the most marvelous, crime writer, ever

I know it’s a bit late (more than 2 years, in fact), but I’d like to say a few, brief words about one of my favorite authors, Robert B. Parker

I was originally introduced to Mr. Parker’s work by my mother.  An avid reader of crime fiction, my mother and I started exchanging books when I was a teenager.

The first Parker novel she introduced me to was “Playmates”, in 1989.  Yes, I was late for the bandwagon, but when it rolled down my street, I happily jumped on…


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Trial of Outlaw Frank James Begins - 1883

This is my first blog post on Crime Space...I'm the author of "Murder & Mayhem 52 Crimes that Shocked Early California 1849-1949" (2012, Schiffer). I have a regular blog at that has spotlighted crime stories and other things for the past year. Visit my author website for more…


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Review (True Crime) - Murder in Peking, Paul French


Author:  Paul French

ISBN:   9780143567523

Publisher:   Penguin Australia

Year of Publication:   2012

January 1937: Peking is a heady mix of privilege and scandal, lavish cocktail bars and opium dens, warlords and corruption, rumours and superstition - and the clock is ticking down on all of it.

In the exclusive Legation Quarter, the foreigners are jumpy. Japanese troops are poised to attack, and word has it the Chinese…


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Short Story Review: "The Missing Sniper" by Earl Staggs


Thanks to his gift, Adam Kingston knew he would get a phone call. Who was calling, why he would be called, he didn’t know.  But, he knew it would be a call about someone dying somewhere and he would be involved. Hard to sleep when you know something is going to happen. Hard to sleep when you know for absolute certainty just enough to be worried.


The phone call finally comes by way of Sheriff Dillon Corbin of Mendes County, Florida.  Adam is on a master list of Law…


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LCC author videos, Diagnosis Murder, Jeri Westerson giveaway & more in new KRL issue

The first author videos from Left Coast Crime are up in the new issue of Kings River Life. We have an article where Lee Goldberg talks about working on "Diagnosis Murder", "Monk" and "The Glades" and at the end is our very fun video interview with Lee

We also have an article from mystery author Victoria Heckman where she talks about working with a small press…


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2012 Attendee Finds Agent at Conference

At Love Is Murder 2012, non-fiction author Gaye Mack went to our all-day pitch event and walked away with the agent she most wanted for her first novel. She graciously agreed to share her Love Is Murder experience with KISS KISS BANG BANG.


DPG: Tell us a little bit about the novel you pitched.…


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Review - A Dissection of Murder, Felicity Young


Author:  Felicity Young

ISBN:  9780732293680

Location:   London

Series:   Dody McCleland

Publisher:   Harper Collins

Year of Publication:   2012

A compelling new series about Dr Dody McCleland, the first female autopsy surgeon.

A woman. A doctor. A beastly science.

At the turn of the twentieth century, London's political climate is in turmoil, as women fight for the right to vote. Dody McCleland has her…


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Monk giveaway, Murder She Wrote & The Final Note in new KRL issue

New issue of Kings River Life is up! We have a fun interview with Lee Goldberg, a review of "Mr. Monk On Patrol" & a give away of the book as the next part of our Road To Left Coast Crime 2012 series


We also have a fun article on "Murder She Wrote" along with an interview with Thomas Sawyer about his experiences writing for…


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Review - Wink Murder, Ali Knight

Book Title:   WINK MURDER

Author:  Ali Knight

ISBN:   9781444715330

Publisher:   Hodder & Stoughton

Year of Publication:   2011

Kate Forman has an enviable life: a loving family and a perfect husband, Paul.  But late one night Paul comes home drunk and covered in blood, mumbling about having killed something - or someone.

When an attractive young woman who works for Paul is found murdered, Kate's suspicions about what he has really done send her on an…


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