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Things Are Happening On My Main Blog...

My main blog has a post discussing the possibility of a strike by the Screen Actors Guild, and how it can hurt both the Guild, and the major studios, and neither side seems to see it.

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The Self Fulfilling Idiocy of Hollywood Keeps on Fulfilling, Idiotically...

I usually blog about writing and books here, but my main blog is about the business of pop culture, and since this post is also about the rights of writers, I figured I should post it here to.

Oy gevalt.

I just can't understand the people who run Hollywood these days. I mean I can contemplate their motivations, and even theorize about them, but I just can't picture myself doing the same things.

That's because I… Continue

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A Moment To Remember

Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada where we take a moment to look back at the sacrifices made by our veterans over the course of two World Wars, the Korean Conflict, and the current conflict in Afghanistan.

World War 1 holds an important place in Canadian history. It was on those bloodied fields of France and Belgium, in places like Ypres, Passchendale, and Vimy Ridge that Canada felt for the first time that it was truly a nation. And it was a Canadian army doctor who composed… Continue

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Over at my main blog...

Every Saturday at my main blog I do a little piece about comedy videos. Today I did a little retrospective of the classic British show that warped my childhood, The Goodies.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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A Quantum of Me...

The new James Bond movie is breaking all sorts of international box-office records, and not just by people wanting to find out what a Quantum of Solace is. Bond is back, and, in many respects, bigger than ever. I've talked about Bond before, in fact, my very…

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Non-fiction update.

My attempt to turn some of things I've discussed on my main blog into a coherent non-fiction book is preceding apace. So far I've discussed the process of pre-production, what box-office numbers really mean, and about a dozen other topics. I've structured the book in a way that it's to explain how Hollywood works as a business, an art, and a state of mind.

It's a lot of work, but so far it looks like it's going to be worth… Continue

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Halloween The Post Mortem

Halloween was pretty quiet this year, only had about 100 kids at the door. Usually we had anywhere between 125-150, but the weather was crappy, although my own childhood memories had over 200 kids on the street, and that was even during the year we had the blizzard the day before and I had to wear my snowsuit under my Wolf-Man costume.

While I've been procrastinating on my book-projects, I have been busy with my main blog, which is related to my non-fiction project. For new readers I… Continue

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