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James Patterson’s “I Michael Bennett” with Michael Ledwidge

Forbes lists him as one of the wealthiest men on earth.  Law enforcement lists him as one of the most ruthless drug lords on the planet. 

He is linked to approximately 700 murders in the past 3 years.  His enemies run to the witness protection program at the mere mention of his name.  If they don’t, they end up dead.


He has ordered the assassination of U.S. border patrol agents and their entire families.  Even a sitting judge is not immune to his…


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Linda Castillo’s “Gone Missing”

You see it on television and read about it in the newspaper.  You shake your head sadly as you reach for your morning coffee.  “What’s the world coming too,” you wonder as you blow across the coffee cup and take a sip.

You just can’t imagine anything like “that” happening to you or any of your


And yet, “it” happens all the time, with frightening regularity.  “It’s” happening to

wealthy families in nice neighborhoods…


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