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New Release: Paul A. Toth's Finale

Well, hopefully not my finale but rather my novel Finale, which is available for pre-order now from the publisher. From the same site, you can listen to a free audio version of the first chapter. The book will be released in July.

Reviewers, please email me to arrange for a hard copy or PDF file. Include the entity for which you review and an address is you prefer a hard copy.… Continue

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Now Available: Organia

Organia: Eight Poems ~ Eight Videos ~ Eight Songs

Viewable on Windows and Mac.

$11.00 including shipping and handling. Order here.

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Let me take this opportunity to shamlessly plug my underrated, underpurchased novel, Fizz. I can safely say you've never quite read anything like Fizz. You will read it fast. You won't know whether to laugh or cry. Chances are, you'll feel a bit odd upon completing, not unlike its main character, Ray Pulaski.

F I Z Z…


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Get It While You Can

Hitler: Five Impossibly Possible Love Stories, in its limited edition run of 50 signed and numbered homemade books with CD, is selling know...cakes that are hot. Get yours while you can.

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Limited Edition Project

Three days to order sans S&H my homemade, multi-multimedia project Hitler: Five Impossibly Possible Love Stories. You get: CD; 5 poems; 2 films; a booklet; interactive experiment; moveable parts; book with protected covers. PC/Mac friendly. Order 1/50 signed & numbered copies here. Watch infomercial…


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Glad to join the Crimespace space.

Quality publishers: Send an email, and I will put you in touch with my agent so that you may read the utterly off-kilter and still-available novel about which author Dexter Petley says: "The most striking thing is your style. Sentences with real elegance and variation...The pure timbre of the writing just lifts the church roof off.…


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