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Quality publishers: Send an email, and I will put you in touch with my agent so that you may read the utterly off-kilter and still-available novel about which author Dexter Petley says: "The most striking thing is your style. Sentences with real elegance and variation...The pure timbre of the writing just lifts the church roof off. Each word has a new shine, real poetics. Language like a hot needle through the eye...The wisdom of the autistic voice, the perfectly pitched cubism of the words. Fresh as white sheets flapping on the clothes line."

Authors with publication credits may email me for an opportunity to read on my podcast. You may order my novels from the links on my website. You may also order 1 of 50 signed and numbered copies of Hitler: Five Impossibly Possible Love Stories -- which includes two films, homemade book, booklet, interactive game, CD, and more -- here. Finally, my regular blog is located here.

Note: Hitler: Five Impossibly Possible Love Stories is in no way anti-Semitic and stands in opposition to fascism in all its forms, including Nazism.

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