I'm supposed to be working - but this is Jeffery Marks's fault. I see friends here - hello? Where is everyone? How does this thing work? Can someone please help Evil E? How do I add you to my 'friends' thingy? Or, doesn't anyone want to? Oh...I see. That's the way you wanna play it, huh? Fine. Be that way. Now you know why I didn't have you On The Bubble. See if I care.

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Comment by Merrill Young on March 27, 2007 at 12:47pm
Elaine- Did you figure it out?
Go to the members page and click on' add a friend 'below you vic......friends photo. Then a cheery little message comes up and says 'your request has been sent'. Then the vic.....friend can either choose to accept (yay!) or reject you(Boo! hiss!), leaving you to wonder what you did to annoy them recently.

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