What a great time I had meeting new and old friends - and how thrilled (stop laughing) I was to have some of my favorite people and writers - P.J. Parrish (Kris & Kelly) , Joe Finder and Nick Stone take home that terrific looking award.

If you missed the convention this year - don't miss it next year! It's truly unique and before I forget - many kudos to all the volunteers who worked for months to put on such a great event.

There's tons more I could say - but hey - what happens at TFest stays there, right? But, ohh....the things I saw and heard? I could write a book. Hmmm. Maybe I will. But then, Evil E is known to keep her lips zipped. Well, more or less. :)

See you there next year?

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Comment by Elaine Flinn on July 27, 2007 at 3:04am
Drat! I missed that! Next year, okay? :)

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