I;d wondered if I;d ever get an agent, but now I;m beginning to wonder what one of those would do for me that I don;t already do for myself.

I just got a pub-date for te French version of How the strong Survive. La Voie des Braves will be released on 15 January, 2009!

I just agreed to -- signed paperwork to follow -- sell the French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese versions of How the Strong Survive to a European publisher. I am required to be involved and approve the translations, and my new publisher will pay my expenses for book release promotional tours. We are still negotiating the film rights to these "European Language" editions.

They also want my Nick Schaevers PI series. Those discussions are in the initial stage.

I;ll announce the name when the contracts are signed.

Not bad for a guy with no agent!

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