I’m beginning to think that Bush can’t wait for his term to end. Have you seen him dance?
The homicidal cretin is responsible for a minimum of 4,000 US deaths in Iraq, untold destroyed lives, and possibly a half-million dead Iraqis. Wouldn’t that make you wanna shake your bootie?
I say responsible, but he is merely the ventriloquist’s dummy in this sad show. Daddy Bush and Cheney are the ones orchestrating this tragedy-with-dance for the benefit of the Bush crime family and their henchmen in the oil and defense contracting businesses. Martha Graham, eat your heart out.
The war? Hey, let the next guy worry about that. Georgie doesn’t care whether it’s that big-deal war hero, McCain (let the smug asshole get out of that one!), or either of the Democrats: the ball-cutter or the Muslim. That’ll teach ‘em.
The dunce-in-chief, a failure at everything he’s ever done, not excluding the presidency, will just be happy to get back to Crawford to molest his livestock. And, with less than a year to go before he leaves the White House, he is dancing a dance to freedom, in his spazzy white-boy way.
So, while the banks are failing, the housing market is tanking, and consumer confidence is lower than Georgie’s IQ, dance a dance to victory in Iraq. Mission accomplished!
Pissed off? I quote Dick Cheney: “So?”

Aside to Elliot Spitzer: Putz!

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Comment by John McFetridge on March 26, 2008 at 10:56am

It says so much, doesn't it?

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