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Rant #7

Hi, out there. Been a while.

The Supreme Court has decided, in a 5-4 vote, to be Second Amendment absolutists. Well, as a First Amendment absolutist I am encouraged.

The late George Carlin would have loved this decision.

(Parenthetically, why do conservatives never call a 5-4 vote "closely divided" when it goes their way?)

I feel that now, since the Constitution says there can be "no law...abridging the freedom of speech," we are free to spout slander, libel, sedition… Continue

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Rant #6

Hey, 2 days in a row.

Normally, I don't listen to the dunce-in-chief at a press conference, but I was listening to NPR and was too lazy to turn it off.

Bush has improved as a speaker to the extent that he can regurgitate what they put in front of him without sounding like the worst kid in Remedial Reading. But, in any extemporaneous effort, his responses continue to be proof of a disordered mind.

All he knows he's had to memorize. He continues to stay "on message" even when the… Continue

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Rant #5

There is no truth to the rumor that the toilet paper in the White House has the Bill of Rights printed on it, but it might as well be that way.

The whole story of the Bush administration has been the dismantlement of the first ten amendments, except of course for the second. Keep and bear arms to your heart's content. Want a 105-mm. howitzer for your next backyard cookout? No problemo.

Want the cops to have probable cause before they rummage through your mail, email, phone calls or… Continue

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Rant #4

I’m beginning to think that Bush can’t wait for his term to end. Have you seen him dance?

The homicidal cretin is responsible for a minimum of 4,000 US deaths in Iraq, untold destroyed lives, and possibly a half-million dead Iraqis. Wouldn’t that make you wanna shake your bootie?

I say responsible, but he is merely the ventriloquist’s dummy in this sad show. Daddy Bush and Cheney are the ones orchestrating this tragedy-with-dance for the benefit of the Bush crime family and their… Continue

Added by ed goldberg on March 26, 2008 at 10:33am — 1 Comment

Rant #3

It's been a while, been distracted, but this jumped out at me.

The Bush administration has sent Attorney General Mukasey to Iraq to, ahem, "review U.S. efforts to help build the nation's legal system," according to an AP article.

The Bush administration, destroyers of the Fourth Amendment, as corrupt as a festering sore on Roger Clemens' ass, abusers of signing statements, liars, thieves, torturers, defilers of the Supreme Court, and generally a nest of thugs and brutes, advising… Continue

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Rant #2

Yelling "Impeachment" in an Empty Theater

Laying aside the idea that the impeachment of Bill Clinton was calculated to taint the process as capricious and politically motivated to set the stage for future Republican misdeeds, the people clamoring for impeachment have it backwards.

What the Democrats, and we as a nation, should be doing is pursuing the crimes of the Bush years: corruption, cronyism, political hatchet-jobs and abrogation of the constitution.

The president… Continue

Added by ed goldberg on September 30, 2007 at 10:15am — 1 Comment

Rant #1

For years the corporatists and their toadies in the Republican Party have whined that government regulation and labor laws are a plot by liberals to hamstring American business. But now, we have China.

China is a Petrie dish on whose face a new outrage grows with regularity. They put poison in our food, our pets' food, and send us dangerous toys. Their food and drug laws, if any, are unenforced. They use tainted or dangerous materials with impunity.

If they have workplace health and… Continue

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