Hey, 2 days in a row.
Normally, I don't listen to the dunce-in-chief at a press conference, but I was listening to NPR and was too lazy to turn it off.
Bush has improved as a speaker to the extent that he can regurgitate what they put in front of him without sounding like the worst kid in Remedial Reading. But, in any extemporaneous effort, his responses continue to be proof of a disordered mind.
All he knows he's had to memorize. He continues to stay "on message" even when the canned pap drilled into him is inappropriate to the question. When asked about suspending the gas tax, he coughed up the Pavlovian response about not getting into the presidential campaign, then starts back on drilling in ANWAR and building new oil refineries and nook-you-lar facilities.
Nuclear plants? Okay, as long as all of the waste is stored on Bush's dude ranch in Texas.
W, who no longer has to run for anything and is a lame duck (was that label ever more fitting?), has started getting snide with reporters. Never more than a fraud as a hail-fellow-well-met, he is now actively hostile to certain questions.
I could never understand why people believed Bush would be "a good guy to have a beer with." He would stick you with the bar tab and then throw up in your car on the way home. It's his nature.
This depraved and criminal administration, i.e., our long national nightmare, is almost over.

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Comment by ed goldberg on June 21, 2008 at 7:55am
Sorry this response has taken so long. Truthfully, I don't recall what Clinton's energy policy was. During his presidency, we were relatively prosperous and fuel cost much less of our disposable income. And, competition for oil was a fraction of what it is today. Our last fat, stupid and happy decade.
I was never that big a fan of the Clinton administration, despite the healthy economy and the budget surpluses.
I always considered him a bit too "liberal Republican," since he stole much of their program and made it his own. I would have much preferred a real Democrat.
Every time someone comes up with a sensible energy policy, the right wing yells "foul," and screams about a "planned economy," one of the pinatas they like to beat about socialism.
Unless we get smart fast about a world of declining resources, not excluding potable water, we are condemned to an unhappy future.
Hope I didn't spoil your day.
(Jan. 20, 2009)
Comment by Cynde L. Hammond on June 20, 2008 at 2:44am
I'm not clear on this: was anything done about this during the comparable eight-year Clinton administration? I'm sure we had this same problem back then and I don't hear about whether anything was or wasn't accomplished. Could someone fill me in, please? Thanks.

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