Made some progress last night in MOSCOW RULES; I'm a little over halfway done. I enjoy this series though I don't normally go for espionage-types. And though it is very well told and feels like authentic details, the plots seem to built the same each time: Gabriel kinda wants out of "The Office" (Israeli Intelligence) because he's done so much for them (like personally hunt down and kill six of the hijackers involved in the incident at the Munich Olympics) but keeps getting dragged in for just a little thing that explodes into a huge operation; they call in the usual team to pull off the op -- usually including Sarah who's in love with him -- but he's now married to a hot Italian operative, everyone goes undercover and something usually goes wrong to build the suspense and then they fly by the seat of their pants to make plan B work and it does eventually. Like I say, I like these books, but he's gotta shake up the formula a bit now. I'll see it through to the end **because** I like it.

The Blog/Website of the day is one that I think a lot of mystery lovers know about, but just in case you've missed this fabulous resource: Stop You're Killing Me is a website devoted to listing authors and their entire list of works as well as links to for many of the books and authors' websites when known. I use this website constantly for finding out what is next in series for me by an author, the description of the series, when things were published, etc. I just can't say enough about this site and what a wonderful service they do.

Today: Went to the Museum to see my friend Jody who is feeling down. Had lunch with Jody B. and Candy from the Symphony at a mexican place that was very strange in that you didn't pay for your food until you were ready to go. I don't think I liked the food. Walked Tug; watched some Veronica Mars Season two.

My friend having a bad day kinda rubbed off on me in that I REALLY need to get a job soon. I know that I am trying to find a job and I shouldn't feel guilty when Steve goes to work every day and I stay home. I don't understand why I've put in over 20 applications, only two interviews, and no results. I know the holiday season screwed things up for a big chunk of that time. I know that for two months I also worked on the class I had to make up. I know I don't just sit around eating bon bons all day watching television. But why isn't something happening?! I have two master's degrees and they're apparently not helping (maybe hurting which would make Steve say I told you so). I'm not an idiot. Yes, I've had a lot of jobs but that is the norm these days and they've always been *good* jobs for career or school reasons. (sigh) Just feeling down and frustrated. It will pass in a little while. Not cracking yet.

Actually, Steve has been very good about my unemployment and hasn't complained so far, at least not to me. In fact, he was very very very sweet today: he got me the second season of The Tudors which just came out last week, knowing that I wanted it but couldn't get it. He's a good guy.

No plans really for the weekend other than the usual cleaning and so forth. Probably watch some football and pray the Steelers win. Gotta go figure out something for dinner. Talk to y'all tomorrow.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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