A New Review of The Execution of Justice & Breaking News - David Janssen-My Fugitive

I am pleased to report a new Review of The Execution of Justice has been posted this weekend. This brings Reviews to Eleven; Six are FIVE STARS, Three are FOUR STARS, and one is 3.375, and the one posted today is "Three Reading Glasses out of five."

You can peruse all Reviews at: www.MichaelPhelpsNovels.com.


The only authorized Biography of David Janssen; "David Janssen-MY Fugitive", Co-Authored with ELLIE JANSSEN has now been released in its FOURTH EDITION. It is Hardcover, 150 Pages, contains thirty-four photos from Ellie Janssen's private collection, and an Update by Michael Phelps. This book is being released at its original 1994 Publication price of just $18.95. This intimate, inside look at the private life of one of Hollywood's most beloved actors is a must have for fans of David Janssen and "The FUGITIVE".

David Janssen-My Fugitive is available now at the below listed sites:


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And all other Internet Booksellers.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Michael Phelps
The Execution of Justice
David Janssen - My Fugitive

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